YOU IN A JAR: Fully Customized Skincare from Bionova

Have you ever found a product you really liked, but wished you could change something about it?  Do you ever have thoughts like, “Gee, I like that this moisturizer helps with oil control, but I wish I could get rid of my dark spots, too…”?  Do you get tired of needing ten different products for one area of skin?


If this sounds like you, Bionova has the answer.  I have been posting a lot about this brand lately, because their products are so different from anything else on the market.  More importantly, their regimen yields results- FAST results.  (Apparently Modeliste magazine agrees, they’ve been obsessed with the brand, too, and rightfully so!)

If you haven’t been following my posts, it’s important to understand that Bionova uses ingredients that mimic the substances in a human body.  (Read more here and here.)  There are no oils, plant or botanical extracts in these formulas, because our bodies cannot use them.  Furthermore, the products are formulated with the precise nano- and pico- quantities necessary to achieve results.

Bionova treats skin like the organ it is, and no two people are alike, and all of our needs differ.  As such, it’s only appropriate that our skincare is customized to our own bodies and needs.  The brand offers several levels of customization- some by gender and skin type, while other products go a step further and incorporate age.  The N1 Custom line, however, is so custom that the chance of its repetition is just one in 60 million.  Through a series of questions, a formula is developed just for you- I’ll go into more detail in another post very soon.  As Bionova says, it’s basically “you in a jar,” your name is even printed on it!


I have been using the Anti-Stress Care for Oily Skin from the BN Science line, which is the lowest level of customization.  I have experienced phenomenal results, in just ten days (see this post).  My N1 Custom formula is on its way, and I am going to be sharing my results with YOU, so keep checking back!

The BN Science line and trial kits are available from, the Bio 1 Act and Impact lines are available at Barney’s.  The N1 Custom line is available directly from Bionova.

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  1. I went to the webdsite and did the questions. I find out that if I left out the wrinkle protection, uv protection and ozone protection that is was a lot less expensive. So I think if I decide to try this I will leave those out at first to see what happens. But I did see somewhere on another website that you just need a pin size amount so its probably worth the price.

    • Hi, and thank you for your support! That’s one thing I LOVE about the N1 Custom- you can leave what you don’t think you need, so you’re only paying for what you DO need 🙂

  2. I’m just going to come out and ask what we’re all wondering, how much does it cost?

    • Hi Kitty Kat! The price varies depending on each individuals needs and what ingredients are used. For example, our daughter-in-law’s formula was almost half the price of mine. The N1 Custom is available in half ounce, one ounce, and two ounce sizes. Also, Bionova’s products are VERY concentrated, so a tiny bit will go a LONG way. 🙂

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