YENSA Skin on Skin BC Foundation is a New Fave!

Aang!  Long time, no post!  We had some issues with our host and had been down for a week-and-a-half.  Had several days of communicating back and forth, to no avail.  So, I contacted a techie friend of Jerry’s, and called our host with the info he provided.  Upon checking, they confirmed we had a “healthy” increase in traffic, and it was overloading the server.  So, we upgraded, got more space, and now all seems good to go!  Keeping our fingers crossed!

Sample from Ipsy bag

So anywho, I’ve been meaning to tell you all about a new fave product I’ve found- the YENSA Skin on Skin BC Foundation!  I first tried this when I got a sample in my Ipsy bag, and LOVED it.  I went to their site to order the full size, and they were continuously sold out.  I even tried Poshmark and eBay, but the tiny sample sizes were going for more than the retail price of the full size- it’s just THAT popular.

What’s so great about this stuff, you ask?  For starters, YENSA is a new brand created by Jennifer Yen, the founder of Purlisse.  She created products based on superfoods to address a lackluster and depleted complexion.  Let’s just say she has created MAGIC.  It’s not often I rush to purchase a full-sized product so quickly!

YENSA Skin on Skin BC Foundation is a BB cream, CC cream, and full-coverage foundation all in one.  It also contains a built-in concealer, anti-aging moisturizer, and SPF 40 sun protection, all in a single tube.  How convenient is THAT…?!?!  It’s perfect for people like me who get into a hurry, and like a streamlined routine for “regular days.”  It even works great for special occasions, too.

The key ingredient is the 8 Superblacks Essence, which contains black sesame oil, black seaweed, black tea, shiitake mushroom, korean black raspberry, nettle, chia seeds, and black rice.  It’s also made in Korea, so the formula is stellar!  In addition to flawless coverage, it helps brighten and even out skin tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, and blurs imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Now, about this stuff being sold out… there was a space to enter my email address so they could notify me when it was back in stock, which was pretty quick.  I forgot to check that email account, so I missed out again.  After I entered my email again, I made sure to keep checking, and success!  I was able to place my order using a discount code, and first class shipping, which was cheaper than the regular free slower shipping without the discount code.

I ordered on a Friday evening, and received it on Monday- so this company is FAST!  The packaging was beautiful, and they even included a free sample of their Essential Glow Primer.  You can also get points to put toward future freebies, which is a neat little extra.

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for fancy-schmancy packaging, and YENSA is really lux, so I feel like I’m being pampered, which makes my routine more enjoyable rather than tedious.  The product is housed in an airless style tube with a pump, so it stays fresh and doesn’t get exposed to air.  It did take about 100 pumps or so to get the product to dispense, but once it did, all my applications have gone very well.  It’s easy to dispense a little or a lot, and it’s very concentrated.

There are only eight shades, but that’s more than most Korean BB or CC creams are available in, hopefully they’ll add more.  Right now, the shade that’s best for me is Medium Warm.  I’m Native American, and I get darker very quickly in the summer, so I may order another shade in a month or two.

The BC Foundation is easy to apply and blend, and it’s truly full coverage.  I have some hyperpigmentation and it covered it well, and I don’t even use concealer except when I’m going “all-out” and wearing a lot of makeup.  The formula is buildable, although I didn’t really need to add more once applied.  I tried this with and without primer, and it never settled into my fine lines either way.  It did last a bit longer with primer, but I rarely have makeup on long enough for that to matter.

I should also mention I have acne-prone, hypersensitive skin (from using tretinoin), and have had zero irritation or problems with the BC Foundation.  I love how convenient it is to use, and how it streamlines my routine since it’s truly a multi-use product.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it performs just as well this summer in the hot Louisiana humidity!  Available at

Wearing YENSA Skin on Skin BC Foundation in Medium Warm