Relax at Home with Wollin Shiatsu Massager

shiatsu massager 1


Hey you guys, hope you’ve had a fantabulous weekend!  This weekend was a lot better for me than last weekend, at least no one stole my joy!  🙂

Having never been fortunate enough to be “privileged,” there are quite a few things I’ve never experienced.  Despite being a blogger, I’ve NEVER had a facial or a massage.  Seriously.  Never.  That’s right, I’ve never, ever, ever had a professional facial or massage.  Shocker, right?  I’ve just never been in a place in life where I had enough extra money to justify spending on something like that.

shiatsu massager 2

Maybe the day will come when I will be lucky enough to have a spa day at an actual spa, and treat myself to these things.  But for now, I’m resigned to doing masks at home and using gadgets and gizmos for relaxation.  That being said, I AM fortunate enough that a fab new Wollin shiatsu massager arrived in the mail from Amazon!

THIS is one reason why my weekend was better than last weekend- no joy-stealer to deal with, and I got to have a shiatsu massage in the comfort of my own bed!  Since I can actually do this in bed, it may be just as good as a professional massage, but then again, I can’t guarantee it since I’ve never had one…lol!

shiatsu massager 3

I work out a lot, I run 5 miles/day during the week, then 7-10 on Fridays since I have the weekend to recover, I do jump rope workouts every day, and lift weights 3-4 days per week, along with hip exercises daily to address my sciatica.  Needless to say, I end up with a LOT of muscles stiffness and soreness.  If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you likely know how much I HATE having to take meds, so this massager is a welcome gadget!

shiatsu massager 4

The Wollin shiatsu massager is made kind of like a belt, you put it around your shoulders/neck/back, and you can put your arms through the loops to hold it in place.  There are three buttons- one is power, one is for heat, and the other changes the direction of the massage.  There’s a regular wall plug, and an adapter so you can use this in the car.  (I’ll be bringing this on our next road trip- we take turns driving, and whoever is riding can get a massage to loosen up stiff muscles form driving.  Woo-hoo!)

shiatsu massager 5

I’ve found that I can adjust the intensity by varying how much pressure I use in holding it against myself.  I simply hold it tighter against the area if I need a deeper massage.  Jerry and I have both used this on our necks, upper backs, middle backs, and lower backs, with fantastic results.  I’ve used it on my hip for sciatica, and Jerry’s even used it on his calves for restless leg syndrome.

shiatsu massager 6

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the Wollin shiatsu massager.  It’s convenient and super simple to use, very user-friendly.  I can use it in bed, on the sofa,  almost anywhere, and feel relaxed and revived.  I love using this right after a workout, right before going to sleep, and even when I wake up to loosen up muscles that stiffened throughout the night.

If you’d like the comfort of a shiatsu massage at home, whenever you want, check it out at!