Winter Skin Saviors

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Aaarrrggghhh… I’ve had ENOUGH of this cold weather!  I’m so ready for flip-flop season to be here!

Not only is it cold outside (yes, even Louisiana is cold.  For us…lol), but the dry air is really annoying as it makes my skins dry and itchy.  I keep some sort of moisturizer in every room of the house, in my car, and in my handbag.  It’s THAT bad.

On my quest to end parched skin, I’ve found a few that really stand out and get the job done.  Keep reading to find out my faves for this season!

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

Oh, Elemisicon, how I love thee!  Monoi is one of my fave body oils, and coming from a beloved brand, it’s even more of a fave (see our full review here).  It comes in a sleek glass bottle, so I can just bring it into the shower with me so it liquefies and even becomes a bit warmed.  I apply this to damp skin when I step out, and not only does a great job of moisturizing, but it smells absolutely heavenly!

REN AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum

One of the problems in the winter dryness is that our skin gets flaky.  This stuff helps exfoliate the dry dead skin, getting rid of the icky layer, which also makes other moisturizers work better because they’re not wasted on the dead outermost layer.  As mentioned in our review (read it here), be sure to use this sparingly at first if you’re not accustomed to AHAs.

Lather Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub

This is one of the brand’s best sellers, and it’s so easy to see why!  I get a relaxing, yet uplifting experience int he shower, and it really feels like I’m being pampered in a spa.  This natural formula does a great job exfoliating, leaving my skin super smooth and soft!  You can read my full review here.

SkinFix 12-Hour Miracle Ointment

When all else fails, SkinFix will always be a go-to!  This stuff softens even the driest, crustiest skin (ewwww…).  Rough elbows?  Cracked heels?  No problem- SkinFix has you covered!  I do long-distance (for me) running, and my feet suffer greatly.  This formula is super-soothing, and leaves skin soft.

Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion

I must admit, I’ve always been a huge fan of anything nag champa.  I’ve had great luck with the first argan oil I’ve used in my hair, which was from Earthly Body.  So, when I saw this hemp seed lotion with a nag champa scent, I couldn’t help myself.  It’s every bit as high quality as the argan oil I’ve used in my hair, and it smells SO good!

If I need an extra dose of moisture, then I just layer several products at once, making sure to use the thinnest consistency product first.  And yes, I’ve layered the Nag Champa lotion over the Frangipani oil…and actually wasn’t bad…lol!  One hint, though, do NOT use the bamboo scrub and AHA serum on the same day- they’re both exfoliants and if used too close together, irritation can result.  Other than that, apply the rest as liberally as you want, and enjoy soft, smooth, moisturized skin!

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