Winky Lux Matcha Lip Balms

Aang!!  Happy Hump Day!

Hope you’re all having a stupendous week, and that everyone is looking forward to Memorial Day weekend!  Thankfully, our house sitter and parrot feeder is actually free for the weekend, and can help us out- because… After many years of never having holidays “off,” I can finally look forward to getting away this time!   We’ll be heading to Seattle to meet grandmother!

So anywho, we’ve been very busy lately, but I had to take a few minutes to let you all know about the cutest lip balms that came in the mail- Matcha Lip Balms from Winky Lux.  My lips stay dried and chapped, so I always look forward to trying any kind of lip product, and I love cute packaging, so I was super-duper excited about these!

I received the flavored Matcha balms in Coconut, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Lavender, and they’re all just too adorable!  I love the shape of the tubes because they easily fit into my pocket since they’re not squared with corners.  Plus, they look fab sitting on my counter…lol.

While at first these didn’t seem like the most hydrating lip balms I’ve used, they do pack a pretty hefty moisture punch.  They each have a slight tint, but don’t let the purple and blue fool you- it’s barely noticeable, and seems to almost “disappear” after a few minutes, even though you can still feel the balm on your lips.  I like this formula because it seems to last longer than the clear ones that are specifically for moisture.

Wearing Winky Lux Matcha Lip Balm in Coconut

The strange thing is that even with a formula that feels a little less “slick” or hydrating going on, there must be something with the matcha, because these leave my lips REALLY soft.  My lips don’t feel nearly as chapped anymore.  The biggest advantage is that my lips don’t feel like a greasy slip-n-slide, but I still get the end result of smooth, hydrated, soft lips.  These formulas also work well under lipstick.  I’ve found that the Coconut one actually seems to make my lip color more vibrant and “pop” more.

If you’d like to spoil yourself with  some super cute lip balms that are not only super fun, but make your lips super soft, check out the Matcha Lip Balms at!

Selfie while wearing Winky Lux Matcha Lip Balm