What Trends Need to End with 2015?

I stole the idea for this post from MUA Jenna– she posted a rant on social media about trends that need to end.  Some of her beauty-related rants were beards and accent nails.  I must say, I agree with her!

I do not like facial hair, at all.  But, I know many people do, and that’s just dandy.  As far as beards go, nice, neat, well-groomed facial hair is okay, but those long, bushy, “lumberjack” style beards HAVE to go.  Those are just really gross.  Sorry, guys!

Regarding accent nails, they ARE cute, but they really bug me!  Not in a bad way, because they ARE fun, but they bug me because they don’t really serve any purpose.  If you like glitter so much, why not paint them ALL in glitter?  Why do you only get to be happy when you’re looking at just one particular nail?  Don’t they all deserve equal attention?


It is very rare that I do an accent nail- and even rarer still that I put a design on my ring finger.  The only time I did my ring finger was as a tribute to Leonard Nimoy when he died.  Usually, I paint them ALL with some sort of design, or I select a finger other than my ring finger.


I could understand if the “accent nail” actually meant something- for example, is that the wearer’s booger-picking finger?  Maybe the person is a virgin.  Or possibly it denotes that he/she ate 500 beetles in a contest.

If you like wearing accent nails, more power to you, and I mean no offense- as you can see, I have worn them myself.  So, there is nothing wrong with them, and they can add a bit of interest.  But to me, they just seem out of place.  Why not experience joy from EACH nail?


What trends would you like to see die with 2015?  Scroll down to comment below!