VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

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Hey everyone!  Hope you’ve all had a fantabulous Hump Day!  I finished a workout, run, and yoga, and now it’s time to relax with some great new eye masks!

One of the best things about being a blogger is getting to try new brands, and new-to-me brands.  I love “discovering” brands and products I’ve never heard of- so I was super-duper excited to try out some eye masks from VIIcode!

VIIcode (as in “vee-two-code”) has some innovative skincare products for the eye area, including the VII O2M oxygen eye mask.  Having horrific allergy problems, and living in what seems like the pollen capital of the world, I’m absolutely obsessed with eye masks.  Eye drops can help with the itchiness, but the inflammation and puffiness… eye masks are the bomb!

The VIIcode O2M eye masks were created to address puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles, using ingredients that have been around for centuries, to achieve a vibrant and youthful look.  Sounds pretty fab, huh?

If you’ve kept up with us, you probably know of my love for eye masks and overnight wrinkle patches.  The VIIcode masks are basically a combination of both.  You get the benefit of adhesive patches that work to physically “train” you to keep from making wrinkle-causing expressions, plus good-for-your-skin active ingredients.

The ingredients include a perfect blend of essential vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, peptides, proteins, and fatty acids.  This formula helps calm and soothe the eye area without irritation or itchiness.  The best part?  You can wear these eye masks for up to eight hours!

The length of wear makes me so happy- when I’m having an allergy attack, I get so sad when it’s time to remove my eye masks.  I’d leave them on longer since they’re so soothing (especially when refrigerated), but some ingredients can cause inflammation, redness, and irritation if left on too long.  I have hypersensitive skin from using tretinoin, and I usually don’t take chances with this type of thing.  So, my eye area is VERY thankful to VIIcode for inventing these!

The eye masks come in a box of six sets, with each set of two sealed in their own individual packet, so they stay fresh and effective, with the active ingredients protected from light and air degradation.  That’s the great thing about sheet masks- you’re getting the freshest product each time.

The masks have a sticky gel on one side, and the other side is a soft cottony material.  The sticky gel side, of course, is what goes against your skin.  Make sure to put them directly on cleansed skin, no other products such as serums or moisturizers.  The masks are immediately very soothing, but they are a bit bulkier than the paper or cellulose eye masks.

The thinner masks, though, are only meant for very short wear periods, and often end up drying out before it’s time to take them off.  So, while the weight and thickness of the VIIcode masks does take a bit of getting used to, I can wear them all night without worrying about them drying out.  Although after about 45 minutes, I was accustomed to them and they didn’t bother me, you can always wear them during the day if you have trouble sleeping with them on.

Wearing VIIcode O2M eye masks

The weirdest part was when I took the masks off- I could actually see a line of demarcation where the masks had been.  I tried several times to get a photo, but it wouldn’t show, but I could actually see brighter, smoother skin in the masked area.  I’m guessing because the masks didn’t “bleach” my skin, so-to-speak, so the camera didn’t catch it, but there was an obvious difference in brightness, smoothness, and clarity.  While I’ve had great results with other eye masks, I’ve never actually seen this specific and obvious line of difference.

I’ve tried wrinkle patches and eye masks, and have never experienced this- so I know it was specific to the VIIcode masks.  It was amazing to actually be able to see this difference immediately upon removal!  I should also note that I have hypersensitive skin, and have even had a reaction to medical tape- but I had zero issues with the VIIcode eye masks.  No redness, no breakouts, no inflammation, just bright, hydrated, dewy, plumped skin.

After using VIIcode O2M eye masks

The VIIcode O2M eye masks retail for $55.00 for a set of six, so they’re somewhere in the middle of the high-end price range for this type of product, but still cost a lot less than a spa treatment.  The real value, though, comes in the fact that they’re really a 2-in-1 product, as I touched on earlier.

The masks are great for weekly use, or right before an event.  If you’d like the immediate benefit of wrinkles and fine lines being relaxed and plumped, with the addition of active skincare ingredients, I highly encourage you to try these out- I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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