Truly Organic Unicorn CBD Whipped Body Butter & Lip Balm

Aang- hi!  Happy February to all!

If you saw my previous post about my cancer scare (read about it here), then you probably know how hectic the past few months have been.  Let’s just say things didn’t perk up much, as we had another snafu (not health-related)- we’re okay, but it’s just Murphy’s Law!  I’ll post about it soon!

So a few weeks ago, we were in Ulta just kind of browsing because I got bonus points for my Ultamate Rewards anniversary.  Our eyes landed on some attractively packaged products from a new-to-me brand called Truly Organic.  I kind of chuckled at the names of the products, as at first it seemed like just another brand trying to capitalize on the whole unicorn thing.  But then when I saw ingredient callouts, things were about to get a whole lot more serious…

Natural products with heavy-hitter ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, CBD, Vitamin A, and skin-loving oils?!?!  At reasonable prices?!?!  Hell. To. The. Yeah.  Even Jerry was intrigued, and we both started scooping up products…lol.   When we got to the checkout, the Ulta employee mentioned how she loved the brand and has several products- so I had high hopes.  I bought several items, and the first one I tried was the Unicorn CBD Whipped Body Butter.

Ingredient callouts on the body butter were 300mg CBD, matcha, cannabis sativa, acai, and collagen boost.  The butter is vegan, clean, cruelty-free, and contains no harsh chemicals.  Plus, it’s got a plethora of pastel rainbow colors- it even looked like whipped cream or frosting in the jar!  My inner child was so happy!

When I first opened the jar, I noticed the top part of the cap came off from the inner part- kind of disappointing, as the somewhat heavy gold-tone lid looked pretty lux.  But, when I opened up the white part of the lid and saw what looked like rainbow swirled frosting, and smelled delectable, all was forgiven!

Additional ingredients include shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, blue tansy oil, spirulina, and marine collagen from seaweed.  I love that the colors come from natural ingredients like beetroot extract and turmeric in addition to the blue tansy, as not only do they look pretty, but they’re great for the skin.  And did I mention this smells really yummy?

While the six-ounce jar may appear small compared to others, a little bit goes a long way; and they even say to use a small amount or it can feel greasy.  Don’t let the fluffy whipped texture fool you- this is a true body butter.  Simply scoop out a small amount- kind of like you’re going to use your fingers to taste some frosting…lol… then emulsify between your fingers.  It turns into easy-to-spread body oil.

This is one of those things that I immediately loved SO much that I ordered a back-up, just in case they were sold out when I ran out…lol.  CBD has done wonders for my mood, as well as my dry, itchy skin*, and Truly did not disappoint!  I’ve always had good luck with CBD in skincare, and have found some very soothing products.  I also ordered the regular Unicorn Fruit Body Butter, which is basically the same, but without CBD, and priced a little less- so I can apply when I don’t need the extra benefit.

Unicorn Fruit Lip Plumping Balm

I also got the Unicorn Fruit Lip Plumping Balm, which isn’t like the ones that burn.  There aren’t any active plumpers  that cause inflammation.  Instead, this contains some great moisturizers that nourish, along with a tiny bit of peppermint to help plump naturally.  This is similar to the body butter in texture and appearance, so equally easy to use.

I do wish these products came with seals.  When I opened this, it was obvious someone had poked into it.  As this is something that undoubtedly happened at Ulta, I would have returned if it weren’t for it having been the very LAST one!  I’m paranoid about germs, though, so what to do?

Good thing is that there is a LOT of product in this jar, much more than with other lip balms.  So, I removed a good bit of product, as it’s easy to tell that it had not been mixed, or touched beneath the very top.  I will say that Truly fills the jars so it looks swirled at the top- like ice cream or a cupcake with twisty bakery frosting- so, it’s easy to tell if product has been tampered with.  But, you can’t tell if it’s been opened and exposed to air- and product starts degrading once opened.  So, I’ll likely order jarred products from the brand online, where random people don’t have access to them, and can open the jars…lol.

Lip Balm

The Unicorn Fruit Lip Plumping Balm feels incredibly soothing and moisturizing without being heavy or greasy.  The bit of peppermint allows for freshness and natural plumping effect without the discomfort of harsh ingredients.  It’s also great to use as lipstick prep- I apply the lip balm, wait about 10 minutes or so, then lightly blot my lips, and apply lip color.  It’s especially helpful with all those drying mattes!

I’m so very happy with these, and I’m excited to try the other products I picked up.  I’d definitely re-purchase these… well, already repurchased the CBD Body Butter, but would also repurchase the regular body butter and lip balm, too!  It would be awesome if they had a whole category of “Unicorn Fruit” products with the scent- bath bombs (and CBD bath bombs!), body spray or perfume oil, bubble bath…lol… anything!

Check ‘em out at,, or stop by your nearest Ulta!


*regarding CBD- not evaluated by the FDA.  All opinions and thoughts about this product are my own.