Trends That Need to End: Snapchat Animal Filter & “Dewy” Foundations

Happy Hump Day!!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday!

Every so often, we do a post about trends that need to end.  Since we haven’t done one in a while, we decided it was about time again.  As someone who doesn’t really like to look the same as everyone else, I always think I’m going to catch a lot of $hit for disliking certain trends.  For example, the pointy fingernail trend (see this post).  But, surprisingly, I found that a lot of people agree!

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So, I’m wondering what kind of Hell I’m going to catch this time?

Snapchat Animal Filter

This really needs to go away.  Unless you’re a toddler or child.  It was cute for about five seconds.  A tongue sticking out or puppy ears are only humorous the first time, and then only slightly so.

“Dewy” Foundations

Having had oily skin my entire life, and living in the tropical humidity of Louisiana, these “dewy” foundations are just bad.  No, no, no, no, no!  No more “dewy” stuff.  They don’t look “fresh” or “glowy” on me, they just look like my face is a grease slick.


I know, I know, you love these things, right?  I realize I am in the very small minority (is that redundant?), otherwise these trends wouldn’t be so immensely popular.  But, alas, they need to end!

Do you like the animal filter and dewy foundations?  What trends do you think need to end?  Scroll down to comment below!





    • YES!!!!!!!!!!! It’s okay for photo shoots, etc. But, damn, it’s a pain!!!!!

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