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Hey you guys, hope you’ve all had a marvelous week!

As mentioned in a few of our previous posts, TimetoSpa sent us a box of fab goodies to try out.  One of those goodies was a Go Smile Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System.  I was SO excited about this, but also a bit apprehensive.  Why, you ask?  Keep on reading to find out!

I drink a lot of tea and red wine, while Jerry drinks tea and coffee, all of which are really good at staining teeth, much to our dismay.  Jerry and I have had the best results with professional teeth whitening, but we don’t do it very often because it’s pretty pricey.

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Whitening toothpastes don’t really do anything for either one of us.  Whitening strips work okay, but they’re a pain in the you-know-what in that they’re time consuming and uncomfortable, for very little results.  Lately, we’ve had the best luck with activated charcoal powder.  But, the reason it works to remove stains is because it’s an abrasive.  So, you can’t use it very often or it can wear down enamel.

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So, my skepticism came from the way the system is used.  It’s ADA approved, so the strength of the whitening gel is a low, over-the-counter percentage.  Since it’s only used a total of four minutes a day (twice a day for two minutes at a time), would this really work?  I honestly thought it would, but expected it to take months.

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The version of the Go Smile system from Timetospa actually comes with three brush heads, so Jerry and I were both able to test it out.  The brush itself contains a blue LED light, and you put a dollop of the included whitening gel, along with an equal amount of your favorite toothpaste on the brush head.  Put it into your mouth, then press the button to turn it on.

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The brush is timed for two minutes, and it automatically pulsates every 30 seconds to let you know to move to a different area.  While there are varying peer-reviewed studies with conflicting results regarding whether or not blue LED light actually enhances tooth whitening, it seems there really is something to it.

They also include a color chart, and somehow, with the combination of the whitening gel, sonic pulses, and blue LED light, my teeth were two shades whiter in about two weeks.  Simply from brushing twice a day, which I would do anyway.  No wearing bleaching trays for an hour each day, no whitening strips, no discomfort.

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A huge advantage is that even when your teeth reach the desired whiteness, you can keep using the Go Smile system as your regular toothbrush.  This is awesome because I LOVE how clean my teeth feel, almost like I’d just had a professional cleaning!

Also, the whitening gel is not abrasive, so unlike charcoal powder, you can use it regularly.  Don’t get me wrong, I love charcoal powder and it’s a great natural product, but it only removes stains- it won’t whiten or lighten teeth that are naturally discolored.  Since the Go Smile gel is actually a type of bleach, it will whiten naturally discolored teeth.

The only disadvantage with the Go Smile Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System is that it seems a bit pricey at first, with a retail price of $129.00.  But, the system sold by TimetoSpa comes with the sonic toothbrush with blue LED light, charging base, full size whitening gel, and a total of three brush heads.  So, it’s actually a great value.

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