The Ultimate Contour Brush from Devyn Marie #DevynMariePro


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Happy hump day, you guys, hope you’re having a fantabulous week so far!

I must admit, I’d never really cared for makeup brushes. I found the little sponge applicators and tiny brushes that came in the compacts and palettes to be much more effective than brushes. Jerry told me there was something wrong with me!

After looking through my brushes, he commented on the poor quality, and said that was the problem, that I wasn’t using good ones. We’re both artists, and I even had a scholarship to art school, and knew for a fact that good quality brushes made a huge difference. So, I can’t believe it never occurred to me before, but it only made sense that high quality makeup brushes would make a difference. And so began my addiction to great brushes!

I’ve found that with great brushes, and a well-primed “canvas,” makeup application becomes SO much easier. We saw a brush once at Sephora that was purported to be the “next big thing.” The brush had a v-shaped notch in it, supposedly for contouring. As much as I love Sephora, they do tend to come out with some embarrassingly gimmicky items, this was one of those things, and it was very short-lived.

Jerry and both really appreciate unusual brushes, as long as they’re actually functional. When I had the opportunity to try out the Devyn Marie Ultimate Contour Brush, I was pretty excited after seeing it. The shape of the bristles seemed promising, unlike the brush with the “v” notch.  It also comes with a plastic case to protect the brush hairs.


I was really pleased with the Devyn Marie Ultimate Contour Brush. Since it’s a great product, I’ll start with the negatives. The handle feels very cheap. It’s molded plastic, and it’s not well-weighted, meaning that it’s a lot heavier at the head than the handle because of the hollow plastic. So, when I first got it, I was a bit disappointed.


My disappointment with the plastic handle was short-lived, though. The dense hairs are stiff enough that they actually pick up product, but not so stiff that they move product away from your skin. They’re also VERY soft. Another thing to note- I always wash my brushes before I use them, and with most brushes, even the highest quality ones, there is almost always a bit of shedding. The Devyn Marie brush did NOT shed ONE LITTLE BIT. That’s right- NO shedding. Could this possibly be a result of that handle that I was disappointed with at first?


As for performance, the curve in the brush head made this the perfect multi-tasker. It worked as a flat brush to contour my cheek bones, and it also made my jawline a breeze. It picked up product well, deposited product with no problem, and helped blend very easily.


Overall, the Devyn Marie Ultimate Contour Brush is very versatile, and will make your contouring a breeze. What’s more, is it can take the place of multiple brushes, so you may want to pick up an extra one for your travel case! Check it out at

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