The Man Panel: Makeup at the Gym


Aside from this blog (and wine), I’m not a girly-girl.  When I go to the gym, I work out.  During a rest period, if a fellow gym-rat is also resting, I may say hey.  I don’t wear cutesy matchy-matchy outfits.  I don’t put on makeup.  I am there to improve myself, and to sweat my a$$ off.  That being said, there are those gals who opt to primp and preen for their time at the gym.

I tend to work out at night, because that way I’ve had several meals, and seem to build muscle more easily.  As such, I often wander into the gym with makeup on from work.  If I’m in a hurry, granted, I don’t always remove it.  Or, I might forget.  However… one particular instance was the inspiration for this post.  As I stepped into the locker room, I saw two women doing their makeup.  I’m talking foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, the whole shebang.  Logic told me that they were done with their workout and about to leave.  I almost asked if they had a good workout.  Good thing I did not.

After they finished their makeup, imagine my dismay when they put their loot into a locker, and sauntered out to the gym floor.  They began to prance around, looking to see if anyone was noticing them.  They wandered over to the free weight section, where most of the guys were, and just kind of sat around.  My guess is that they thought the equipment might fly away, so they decided to do us all a favor and hold it down.  After a few seconds of this, I had enough.  I began my own workout (yes, a real workout); but later on, I almost wished I had checked to see if any guys actually paid attention to these two painted ladies.

What separates the real men from the mere boys…???  Well, a REAL MAN has enough self-assurance and confidence that he is willing to provide commentary for a beauty blog!  So, what do Guys-Who-Go-to-the-Gym think of this type of chica?


Aamir J.

“Personally, I feel attracted to them, but only in a glancing manner. Kind of like, eye candy, or window shopping. It doesn’t really appeal to me for an extensive period of time. Obviously, I would notice them, but I would never initiate a conversation with one or go out of my way to. A woman’s level of attraction, in my opinion, based on her appearance, should never be affected by where she is or what she is doing. Granted, there is a time and place for certain actions. My view of her however, is affected. In the context of this scenario (a woman who wears full makeup, goes to the gym and posts a Facebook status about it, often with a selfie with a duck face and peace sign), I find aggravating. They’re occupying space and machines that people who are trying to better themselves could be using.”



Brandon R.

“I never recognize or pay attention to them. In my opinion if you come to the gym with makeup on, you have no intention of working out hard or attaining a goal. You’re looking for attention from anyone who gives it to you.”



Brady A.

“I guess it’s habit from my profession, but when I walk into the gym I automatically size up everyone and everything. When I see girls in makeup (dolled-up) at the gym hanging around talking $hit about people, screaming hey look at me look at me!!! I’m like, really you have to come to the gym to get attention. That’s kinda sad and aggravating!”

Ladies (and gents who wear makeup), the Man Panel (or “Manel” if you prefer) has spoken.  There are several types of Guys-Who-Go-to-the-Gym: there are those who are there because they are arrogant and want to show off; there are those who are looking for a piece of meat, just like you are; and there are those like our Manel, who are there to work out and better themselves.  The first two types are likely to be the only ones who will take notice of you and your artistry.  You do not want them.  Or, who knows, maybe you do.  But, the bottom line is, if you want a quality guy like Aamir, Brandon, or Brady, your makeup should be your last thought at the gym.  Work out.  Work out hard.  Sweat.  A lot.  Then try to accidentally-on-purpose run into the guy in the parking lot or at the water fountain.

So, what does the professional have to say about makeup at the gym? Our resident esthetician, Heather Kent, was kind enough to weigh in on this issue:



“From an estheticians point of view, it is actually bad for your skin to wear make up when you are going to go to the gym, sauna, or anything that involves sweating. The make up itself will clog your pores and you will essentially break out. Now, I know there are women who need some coverage for personal reasons (like I do with eczema), so wear a tinted moisturizer. But eye liner, mascara, powder, lipstick… that is all unnecessary. Also, in my opinion, you’re just looking for attention. When I go to the gym I’m there to burn off my extra weight.. I don’t judge, because I know a lot of women who do go to the gym just to get out of the house and/or maintain what they have, so they don’t have to work as hard. So, I suppose, essentially it depends on how much you’ll be sweating?” –Heather Kent

That about sums it up, folks.  Neither the Manel, nor the professional esthetician, recommend wearing a full face of makeup at the gym.  Now, if only I can remember to stash some wipes into my bag for those days I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to wash my face before doing some skull-crushers…



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