The Esthetician Is In: You NEED Sun Protection!



So, while I was at work today, I had a few people question me about dark spots and what causes them. Well, essentially it’s sun damage. Most of the sun damage we have accumulated is from when we were kids. Like, before the age of 18. Yes, sunscreen is still important for a daily routine. Remember though, that it is a sun “screen” not a sun “block,” so it will not block every UVA or UVB ray that you come in contact with.

Here is where sunscreen gets a little tricky. You need to have a SPF of 50 on your face and neck area to last an average work day. How much sunscreen do you think you need on this area? According to the Academy of Dermatology, you need a teaspoon. The only possible way to actually accomplish this is to layer your sunscreen.

Please understand that just because you apply a moisturizer with an SPF of 20 with a makeup that has a SPF of 10 does NOT mean you have on SPF 30!! It is still only 20 because that is the highest product you applied. I really hope you’re not putting on a teaspoon of make up. What I recommend is using a moisturizer with sunscreen like an Aveeno daily moisturizer, or Juice Beauty Sheer Mineral moisturizer. Then apply an actual sunscreen on top. The Ulta brand sunscreen is actually really good, and reasonably priced. On top of that, I would recommend using a primer with SPF. I really like the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer. It’s tinted, and it gives you an awesome airbrushed look. Even before you apply your make up. You could also replace the primer with a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

So, what I need you to remember is that it is important to continue to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, and to layer it. Doing this, you will protect yourself from dark spots, sun damage, spreading freckles, and wrinkles!! Skin care starts from when you are young!! 🙂


Thank you, Heather, for this very important info on how to stay protected, and look younger at the same time!

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Note:  Crazy thing is, the hubby and I were just talking last night about doing a piece on sun protection- then I find this in the inbox from Heather- it was meant to be!  You will notice throughout my own posts and reviews that sunblock is one of my favorite skincare products, and I hoard it like I’m a vampire.  Look for more posts regarding this essential step- yes, we are going to drill this into your head!  -Renee’




  1. Sunblock always says to reapply every couple hours but how do i do that with my make up on? Do i have to take it off or do i just put it on ovr it? Help me please and thanks!

    • I think a lot of us have the same question! Fortunately, companies such as Coola and Supergoop are now coming out with sunblock face mists, which makes this easier to do. Hopefully Heather will be able to offer some advice on this- check back soon! 🙂

    • This is the purpose of layering it. 😉 It’s allows you to be able to wear your make up for up to 12 hours without re application. Over time the sunscreen that you apply will soak into your skin, starting with the first layer you put on, one layer at a time. This only works as long as you are not in direct sun light for long periods of time, of coarse. That is when you would need to invest in a spray for your face and neck.

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