Teeki Hot Pants are SO Perfect in the Summer Heat!


Hey everyone, happy, happy Wednesday!

Hope your summer has gotten off to a fab start!  It’s my fave season, and I wish it would never end!  The thing about Louisiana is that it gets hot, and I mean HOT.  We had a June that was high 90s on most days, and that was even before it was officially summer…lol!

Anywho, last summer, I started looking for leggings that could be worn in the heat, as there were some activities that I wanted a bit more coverage than my short running shorts would provide.  I’d heard Onzieicon and Teeki made great leggings for hot yoga that were also suitable for swimming.  Could these be just what I needed?

I found a good deal on a couple pairs of Onzie cropsicon, and had high hopes for what was described as swimsuit-like fabric.  Man, their prints are SO great!  But, they kept falling down- they just wouldn’t stay up…arrrgghhh!  The only time they stayed in place was when I was wet and sweaty- I guess they are made for hot yoga, though.

I’d heard others had the same problem, but that the high-waist versions do not fall down.  Also, I ordered a size M/L, so I may have had better luck with the high-waist or smaller S/M size.  I’m definitely going to have to give them another chance, because they look so awesome.

So, this year, I figured I might as well try out some Teeki hot pants.  I was apprehensive, at first, that they may be just like the Onzies, and I’d heard that they were thinner.  Since I use my active wear for more than just yoga, I prefer a bit of compression.

Again, being in the hot, humid south, I opted for the capri length, and ordered a couple in a size small.  OMG.  I can totally see why everyone loves these- I’ve really been missing out!  The Teeki fabric is thinner than the Onzie, but it actually has compression!  The fabric is very stretchy, yet strong enough to provide support where I need it.

Even in 98 degrees, it almost felt like I wasn’t really wearing anything, and when I’d get sweaty, they dried super fast.  I swear, during the summer weather, I could live in Teeki Hot Pants!  When doing yoga, the very top half inch of the wide waist band flips down in front when I’m doing folds, but it’s a non-issue, and the pants don’t actually fall down or anything.

Wearing Teeki Cusco Rambler capri hot pants

The Teeki Hot Pants are so light weight that I’ll probably end up trying some in full-length soon, it will be a great excuse to get more of their awesome prints!  Oh, and btw, Teeki makes their pants and tops from recycled plastic water bottles- so when you buy them, you also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping the environment!

Teeki has some really beautiful new prints available, so click here to see them!  If you’re apprehensive like I was, check out their sale section- they’ve got very substantial markdowns!  You’re welcome 😉

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