Ted Noah Bralette Tops are Great for Layering

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It’s Sunday fun day again!!   Glad Hurricane Harvey seems to be weakening- we’re keeping everyone affected in our thoughts.

Have you ever had a top that you really like, but feel uncomfortable wearing because it’s a bit too revealing?  I have quite a few like this, even a dress.  A few are too low cut in the front, and I have a couple tops that have very large openings for the arms.

I’ve tried to find cute things to wear under these, but everything either looks too utilitarian, or too much like a swimsuit or sports bra.  I’ve been keeping an eye out for something that can show, so it can’t be see-through or sheer; but doesn’t look like I just got back from the beach (although I DO love the beach…lol).

When I had the opportunity to try out a few bralette tops from Ted Noah, I was really excited after I saw how cute they are!  They’re feminine without being “froo-froo,” so they’re not overly flimsy or see-through.  Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so they’ve got something for everyone.  AND they’re very reasonably priced, too!

I got three styles, and I chose black for all of them since that would go with everything I need them for.  I got a bustier style, racerback, and a caged back halter.

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The floral lace padded cropped bustier style bralette is perhaps the most versatile of the three.  Although it’s wireless, it does have some padding, and the bustier shape makes it supportive, yet comfortable at the same time.

This is ideal v-neck tops or vests, as the it resembles as the part that shows resembles a cami rather than two separate bra cups.  If you have a button down shirt, you can even undo an extra button or two so the bottom lace edge shows.

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If you don’t like underwires or padding, this floral lace racerback unpadded bralette is perfect.  I usually prefer wired styles because they have more support (I’m a 36C), but there are a few tops that already have support built in, and this will be perfect under those.

Youmita 2 racerback

I also like the racerback, and since there’s no wire, it’s much more comfortable to wear.  I have a boho maxi dress and the top part is kind of a halter style.  It offers a good bit of support on its own, but it’s got a deep low cut, so this bralette will be my go-to when I wear that dress.

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Finally, the cageback halter is my fave!  It’s unlike any other I’ve seen, and I love the back!  If you love halter tops, but don’t know what to wear under them, this is it!  It has a plunging neckline, so it won’t be noticeable under most halter tops.

Youmita 3 cageback

This top is also extremely comfortable, and since it’s a halter, there are no straps to worry about having to keep pushing back up- which is a HUGE deal for me…lol!  This bralette has pads, but they’re removable if you don’t like them.

As for fit, the racerback and cageback are pretty true to size, the bustier styles seems to run slightly smaller, but it may be due to the style.  The only time it seems slightly smaller is when putting it on or taking it off- once it’s on, it fits perfectly well.

I’m very pleased with all three of these, and also very happy that I’ll be able to wear some of the clothes I love a lot more often now!  Check them out on Amazon, or click the individual links below.

Cageback Halter



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