Starlooks Custom Lip Liner in Sultry Sangria

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Omg, thank you SO much, Beauty Box 5 and Starlooks!  This awesome lip liner was in the February box sent to me by the super-duper folks at Beauty Box 5.  This custom shade, Sultry Sangria (did somebody say “sangria…?”), is the result of a collaboration between Beauty Box 5 and Starlooks. I seriously think I have found a new favorite product!

First of all, while there are many great pencil formulas, I am lazy, so I prefer the automatic pencils that I don’t have to use a sharpener with.  I mean, who needs to add even more time and steps to a 30+ step routine…?!?!?  Lol…

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Anywho, I had never head of Starlooks, so it’s always a pleasure to experience a new brand.  It becomes even more of a pleasure when it turns out to be such a stellar product.  I was absolutely blown away by the pigmentation and how easily this went on.  I mean, this liner literally glides on like a hot knife through butter.

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Even though I’m not set up to do videos yet, I actually did a short one just to show you how pigmented this Starlooks liner is.  (Sorry there’s no sound, there was too much background noise, so I removed it.)  The cool thing is, right after you apply the liner, it’s creamy and very blendable, so this is great if you want to use it to do an ombre look.  Once it’s on for a few seconds, it sets and does NOT move until you take it off.  I know, because I had to use makeup remover prior to doing the video just so I could get the swatches off that I had done previously…lol!

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.

Not only does the Starlooks liner perform well, but the color is beautiful, and I hope to try more products from the brand.  And I hope Beauty Box 5 does another great collaboration like this!

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Wearing Starlooks Custom Lip Liner in Sultry Sangria with Lipstick Queen Pink Sinner lipstick

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February 2016 Beauty Box 5

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