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Most of us have had to suffer through an occasional pimple.  Not me- it was LOTS of them.  When I was a teenager, I had horrible acne, and had to take tetracycline for years, along with topical erythromycin.  It worked, but it sucked having to take a pill every day.

When I started taking birth control pills to control monthly migraines, the acne cleared up quite a bit.  But, when I switched birth control due to having a stroke, it started coming back.  Tretinoin has been a lifesaver, or rather, skin saver.  But, it causes sensitivity, and you go through a lengthy peeling phase while your skin adjusts.  So, I was super excited when Pro2 Medical sent me the Spot Acne Treatment by reVive Light Therapy!

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With the Spot LED light, treatment takes three minutes per day and destroys acne-causing bacteria, with results seen within 15 days.  The Spot system purportedly penetrates deep into the skin to target and destroy the bacteria that cause acne flare-ups, along with other skin ailments.  The result?  Clear, clean, healthier appearing skin!

Is this too good to be true, you ask?  Well, if you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know how much I dislike gimmicks and unsubstantiated claims.  If I’m going to use a product personally, I want to see legitimate, peer-reviewed research.  And, YES, this DOES exist for blue light acne treatment!

According to The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, the self-application of blue light to the skin is effective in treating mild to moderate inflammatory acne on the face.  The total number of comedones, open comedones (blackheads), closed comedones (whiteheads), and papules was significantly reduced by days 7 and 28 (Gold, Andriessen, Biron & Andriesson, 2009).

Wow, sounds pretty great, right…?!?  The article went on to report that “Phototherapy with visible light, specifically blue light, has been shown to improve skin condition in cases of acne and blemishes.  It is further reported to control the condition before an outbreak occurs.  This blue light therapy is clinically shown to control acne without harsh chemicals or prescriptions and improves the skin’s appearance” (Gold, et al., 2009).  So, blue light not only helps treat acne, but it can actually prevent it from even occurring!

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The service I received from Pro2 Medical was phenomenal- very friendly, professional, and fast!  The Spot Acne Treatment light was packaged with care, and arrived in perfect condition.  The device itself is packaged in a sleek box and comes with a USB cable- so no need to worry about buying batteries.  The only negative is that there’s no wall plug, so I needed to borrow the adapter from my phone, which I don’t keep in the bathroom.  This was only minor, though, so it’s really a non-issue; I just pride myself on honesty.  The good thing is that it probably contributes to the extremely reasonable price!

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The instruction booklet is super easy to follow, simply plug the device in, hold within ¼” of the treatment area, treatment time is three minutes.  For best results, use daily.  I didn’t have any issues with sensitivity or irritation.  Also, since it’s LED lights, there’s no hot or burning sensation, even with the device so close to my skin.

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After using this for a little over a week, I’ve already noticed a difference- I have a lot less blackheads, so I haven’t had to do as many extractions.  I could also feel a pimple starting to form, but it never actually surfaced, thanks to the blue light!

The light is actually blue in person, not purple.

The light is actually blue in person, not purple.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the performance of the reVive Spot Blue LED Acne Treatment light.  It’s very effective, not irritating, and my skin is much more clear.  Plus, it’s very affordable- it retails for just $29 at Pro2 Medical!

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Gold, M., Andriessen, A., Biron, J. & Andriessen, H. (2009). Clinical efficacy of self-applied blue light therapy for mild-to-moderate facial acne. The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, 2(3): 44-50. Retrieved June 19, 2017, from