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According to Somme Institute, Transport pads exfoliate and nourish your skin on a whole new level. Dead skin cells and surface debris are effectively removed, and pores unclogged. Skin texture, tone, and clarity are improved. Cell renewal is stimulated, and the skin’s resiliency is improved so other treatments become even more beneficial (Somme Institute, n.d.).

Transport contains the company’s patented MDT5, peptide-encapsulated, potent, stable, and re-engineered vitamins. In addition to MDT5, the most important ingredient is glycolic acid, a superb alpha hydroxy acid that is often used in chemical peels. Somme Institute describes glycolic acid as “breaking down the intracellular glue to accelerate our skin’s own shedding process. This sophisticated exfoliation speeds up this process, to not only reveal healthier, fresher skin cells, but to assist in removing damaged and darkened ones, too” (Somme Institute, n.d.).

The not-so-hot ingredients consist of menthol and preservatives that can be irritants for some people. But, let’s be honest, with glycolic acid being the second ingredient on the list, I don’t think we really need to worry about other irritants! Glycolic acid, by its very nature, can cause a burning or tingling sensation, which is perfectly normal.

However, there are also ingredients that provide a soothing sensation, along with aloe powder to hydrate and nourish. Also, I love the grape seed extract, as it is a great source of antioxidants and polyphenols (Somme Institute, n.d.).

Transport is the second step in the Somme Institute skincare regimen. Each pad is single-use, and is swiped over your face, neck, and décolleté immediately after cleansing. However, I found that the pads are saturated enough that you can cut them in half if you’re running low and waiting for your next order. BUT, be careful here, you don’t want to do this all the time because you’ll need to use them as directed if you want the results the researchers got in testing the product.

It’s important to note Somme Institute’s recommendation that if you have sensitive skin, you may want to squeeze the excess liquid out of the pad prior to using until you know how your skin will react. Personally, I find these a bit “too much” to use twice a day at first. So, if your skin is like mine, you may want to start off just using once a day until your skin adjusts, then use twice a day.

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I had never heard of this product until I was telling someone about Radical Skincare’s Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads, the standard by which I compare this type of product to. She told me she used something similar called Transport, so I love that I get to experience these! Do they compare? I wish Transport contained salicylic acid in addition to the glycolic acid. However, with Transport, glycolic acid is the second ingredient on the list, so it packs a great punch.

Overall, I think Somme Institute Transport is a superb product. If I had tried these prior to testing tretinoin, I would have had no sensitivity whatsoever. Since using tretinoin, my skin has become more sensitive, and I do experience tingling and temporary redness. However, those minor effects dissipate quickly, and I am left with soft, smooth skin. Fabulous!
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Somme Institute Transport is available at SpaceNK, Nordstrom,, and It retails for $58.00 for 50 treatments.
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Somme Institute (n.d.). Somme Institute: The Highly Recommended Brand. Somme Institute.

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