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As Somme Institute points out, serum is the hardest working product in your skincare routine. This serum is purported to boost collagen production and elasticity, achieving a youthful texture and glow. It contains antioxidants to fight free radicals, and it smoothes fine lines, reduces the signs of aging, and repairs sun damage. Finally, the serum helps minimize redness resulting from acne and other skin conditions (Somme Institute, n.d.).

As with the other products in the Somme Institute line, the star ingredient is the company’s double patented MDT5, a potent and stable matrix of re-engineered vitamins encapsulated in peptides for trans-epidermal delivery. Additionally, Vitamin C strengthens the skin’s elasticity and helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Carrot, orange, and lime extracts provide additional sources of antioxidants (Somme Institute, n.d.).

All too often, antioxidants in cheap skincare products, or those that aren’t researched properly, are ineffective due to instability. The thing I like most about this serum is that the Vitamin C is a stabilized form, ascorbyl methylsilanol pectinate (Somme Institute, n.d.). Furthermore, the serum is housed in an opaque container, so light cannot degrade the ingredients. In the travel size, there is a dropper, so the serum is actually exposed to air when used, but since it’s a travel size, this shouldn’t be a huge issue. In the full-size version, there is a pump, so no worries!

The serum has a very light, natural citrus scent. It spreads very easily, and a tiny bit goes a LONG way. It absorbs quickly and is not at all heavy, sticky, or greasy.   If you have oily skin, this might be hydrating enough on its own that you may not need a separate moisturizer during the day, especially in the summer.

What’s the verdict? As a result of this serum, my skin has a healthy glow- it’s a great rival for the fave Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. If you’re looking for an awesome Vitamin C serum, Somme Institute’s is a great one to try!
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Space NK

Somme Institute (n.d.). Somme Institute: The Highly Recommended Brand. Somme Institute.

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