Skone Smudger Brush

Skone smudger brush 1

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I got this brush in my Ipsy bag, and I’m always excited to get a brush that I don’t have, especially when it proves to be very useful!

I had never heard of Skone Cosmetics before, so I checked out their website. “Skone” means beauty or beautiful woman in Afrikaans, which is really awesome (Skone Cosmetics, 2016). As an Eskimo, it’s important to me that we all understand beauty has many languages and backgrounds. And, the brand has some really great products!

Skone smudger brush 3

The Skone Smudger brush helps create smoldering eyes in seconds; you can use it to line, smudge, layer or blend (Skone Cosmetics, 2016). I’ve never found the perfect brush to use shadow on my lash line, until now. Eyeliner brushes are too fine, and flat brushes have proven to be kind of “clumsy” for this purpose.

Skone smudger brush 6

The natural pony hair bristles are the perfect length, not too long, not too short. The brush is very sturdy and well-made, and has a sleek, classy design. I was able to wash it without any shedding, so that’s always a plus. This may be one of those items I purchase a back-up of!

Skone smudger brush 7


The Skone Smudger brush retails for $15.00 and is available at

FYI- I got this $15 brush, a $17 eyeliner, and three other products in my Ipsy bag, all for just $10 with free shipping. Just two products were worth more than triple what I paid! You can subscribe to Ipsy by clicking here!


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