Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush

Sigma E40 brush 1

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When I was in Sephora in Bossier City a while back, the awesome and stunning Kasey N. was doing my eyes, and she told me one of the secrets was to use a soft, fluffy brush to blend.  She did such an awesome job (as always), but I was never able to find a brush I liked as much as the one she used (they were out of stock).  Since then, I have tried several, and there are some I really like- but now, I think I’ve found the perfect blending brush!

Sigma Beauty was founded by Rene Xavier Fiho, a civil engineer with an MBA, and Simone Xavier, a veterinarian and researcher with a Ph.D. in molecular biology.  Since the beginning, the company’s products have been heavily influenced by the founders’ backgrounds in research and engineering (Sigma, 2016).

I had never tried any Sigma products, but I had heard great things about their brushes.  With a deep love for science, it always excites me when a company is rooted in or influenced by science.  When I got a 25% off code to use at Birchbox, I decided to order the E40 Tapered Blending brush; I’m SO glad I did!

Sigma brush 4

The E40 brush is made from SigmaTech Fibers, high performance synthetic fibers that have been engineered to perform better than animal hair.  The technologically advanced filaments have specialized tips that hold and deliver both cream and powder products, without absorbing.  The SigmaTech fibers are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and maintain their color and shape even after many washes (Sigma, 2016).

Sigma E40 brush 2

The Sigma E40 Tapered Blending brush is very well made.  The handle and ferrule are sturdy and don’t feel at all loose like cheap brushes.  The brush fibers are very soft to touch, but not so soft that they don’t hold their shape.  The length is perfect- not long enough to be overly floppy, but long enough for perfect blending.

Sigma brush 5

How did it perform?  Blending has never been so easy!  Often, the fibers are so long that they are too floppy to do any good, or they are so short that they smudge more than blend.  This would be the “Goldilocks” of blending brushes, it’s just right!

Sigma brush 6

All shadows from the Urban Decay Vice LTD palette: I used Anonymous all over, Nameless on my lids, and Backdoor in my creases, then blended.

The Sigma Beauty E40 Tapered Blending brush retails for $16.00.  You can get Sigma brushes at Nordstrom- click the banner below for FREE shipping (no minimum!) and a special offer for a FREE 28-piece beauty gift!
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Sigma (2016). E40- Tapered Blending Brush. Sigma Enterprises, LLC. Retrieved January 19, 2016, from

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