Shray Sheet Masks are Amazing!

YES!!!!  More sheet masks!

I had never heard of this brand until I got the Ms. Amazing and Queen Bee masks in my Ipsy Glam Bag (see my post here).  I’m always excited to try new sheet masks!

Shray 1

I tried the Ms. Amazing, and Jerry tried the Queen Bee (I think he deleted the pics…lol).  The Ms. Amazing mask contains hyaluronate to hold in water and plump the surface of the skin, rice extract to tighten pores, piper methysticum extract to attract and hold moisture, and hydroxyethyl urea to help seal in water.

Shray 4

The Queen Bee mask is great for acne-prone skin.  Jerry doesn’t wash his face as often as he should (shame on him!), so we thought this would be a good option for him.  It contains honey extract to combat bacteria, rice extract to tighten pores, and centella asiatica extract to quicken the healing process of the skin.

Shray 2

The first thing I noticed when opening the pouch is the scent, the masks smell very fresh, but the fragrance is light.  Ms. Amazing smells almost fruity/floral, and Queen Bee smells like, well, honey.  I love fragrant skincare products, but they become bothersome if they’re overly scented.  These masks are the perfect happy medium.

Shray 3

I also noticed that the masks are split at the chin and just above the lip.  This made it easier to adjust the masks for a better fit.  They were also pretty thin, which again made the masks fit better.  During wear, my skin felt soothed, but since the fit was so great with the thinner fabric, the mask didn’t keep slipping around.  Even Jerry, who usually HATES having things on his face, seemed to forget he was wearing his.  It was nearly an HOUR before he remembered he had it on and then took it off!

We were both very pleased with the Shray sheet masks.  Our skin was left soft, plump, and hydrated, with no stickiness.  Overall, these are pretty awesome, and I would definitely use them again!  Check them out at!