Shout Out to Our Readers in Germany (Hi, Leah E.!)

Wow, we have now had visitors from at least 48 different countries!

As of this posting, we have had 132 visitors from Germany; thank you for your support! A special “shout out” to Leah E. in Germany- Leah was a foreign exchange student who lived with some of my cousins in Iowa. It was an absolute pleasure meeting her, and she fit right in with Ella and Louise. She also managed to survive our Sexton family Christmas gathering!

International Visitors

When we met Leah, she was SO easy to be around; it didn’t feel like we had just met her. Plus, she was stunningly gorgeous (and we loved her fun colored hair). I swear, you could dress these three young women in potato sacks, and they would still look fabulous. They all possess beauty, brains, and personality. It is truly a privilege to call them family.

I am Aleut (Eskimo) by birth, but when I was an infant, I was adopted by another family. My ancestors were German immigrants- my grandparents’ names are Frerichs, Van Dornum, Sexton, and Stumpf. As such, it warms my heart to see so many visitors to our site from Germany.

So many great things have come from Germany. We all know how much I love wine, and there are some superb Riesling, Spatburgunder, and Gewurztraminer varieties from Germany. For the meat lovers, sausage varieties are tasty and endless- now I’m salivating for the bratwurst my dad used to cook! Two of my favorite bands, the Scorpions and Rammstein are German. There have been historical marvels, such as airships, as well as every day modern items from Germany. For instance, my new favorite pencil eyeliner, the Ultra Precision Eye Liner from Doucce Cosmetics, is made in Germany.

Doucce Eyeliner

When I first started this site, I didn’t realize we would get international visitors from so many countries. The least I can do is pay back that interest and do my best to learn something about their countries. Thank you all, I am truly humbled by such worldly support.

What country are you from? What’s something you love about it? Scroll down to comment below!

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