Sephora, You Suck: April 2016 Play “Non-Box”


Normally, a picture of my Sephora Play box would go here. But, since Sephora sucks, it is empty space this month.

What…?!?! Sadly, I did NOT receive my April 2016 Play! Box from Sephora. Why not? Because somebody at Sephora didn’t do her job. It’s almost like the soup guy on Seinfeld, but with Sephora Play instead, “NO BOX FOR YOU!” So, instead of reviewing the box and its contents, I’ll be reviewing the “non-box,” and the customer dis-service.


I reported my credit cards stolen, so March 9th, I got this email about needing to call and update my information, which I promptly did.

Just to make it clear, I don’t like to disparage a brand or company, so I thought long and hard about this issue.  If I have a problem with a product or company, I give them the opportunity to resolve it.  After all, we’re only human, and humans make mistakes.  But, I called Sephora twice, and even asked for a supervisor, which is detailed momentarily.  After determining that the procedures at Sephora, or lack thereof, are so asinine, I was really aggravated.  Keep in mind, this problem is not applicable to store employees, who remain awesome.

So, at the beginning of March, my billfold got stolen, so I had to report my credit cards as stolen. I got an email March 9th from Sephora saying that my card was declined and that I needed to update it. Okay, no problem. I updated it the next day, and my Play box was shipped on March 17th. So, as most people would assume, I thought the customer service woman at Sephora had done her job.


Obviously, I called and did what I was supposed to do, because my March box shipped on the 17th.

On April 10th, I got an email from Sephora with a preview of my April box. Everything was normal, or so I thought. On April 16th, an email came with a “final notice” that I needed to update my credit card in order to receive the May box. WTF…?!?!


Email from April 10th, giving me a preview of my April box… Hahahaha…NOT! It’s like they were taunting me!

First off, I already updated in March, obviously I received the March box. Secondly, I never received any notices in April prior to this “final notice.” So, I called the Rouge Concierge on Sunday, the 17th, and was told that I would NOT get an April box since my information wasn’t updated in time. WTF…?!?!


“Final notice” sent on April 16th. I never received a first notice in April!

YES, Sephora, my information WAS updated- I received the damn March box! Apparently, the woman I spoke with didn’t update it properly, she only did it for that particular transaction, and I wasn’t informed until it was too late. I asked for a supervisor, but the guy told me the only supervisor had just left. He said there was nothing they could do, it was all automated, and that I should call back the next day. OMG.


So, I called back again on Monday, and asked for a supervisor, but was denied that request. The guy I spoke with, John (?), tried to help. To his credit, he did add 500 points to my account. But, that doesn’t take the place of the box I didn’t get. He put me on hold for a few moments to look into the issue, only to confirm that I would NOT be getting my April box. I was like, “This isn’t my fault, I updated my information LAST month.”

He told me, “It’s the person’s fault who stole your wallet.” NO, sir, it was NOT. That was already taken care of, because AGAIN, I DID MY JOB, AND I GOT THE MARCH BOX. It was the Sephora woman’s fault who DIDN’T DO HER JOB and properly update the information I gave her! Now, why we can’t update our Play Box information ourselves online is beyond me- for some reason, the only way to do that is to call, and hope they do it right.

Apparently, although Sephora is the Queen of the Beauty World, they do not have the ability to gather up the items, put them into a box, and send them to me. I guess maybe they are somehow impaired? So, because someone at SEPHORA DIDN’T DO HER JOB, I DID NOT AND WILL NOT BE GETTING AN APRIL BOX. Since I already got my stuff stolen, this was like adding insult to injury.

For some reason, the overlords at Sephora don’t have the brains to come up with a plan for when THEIR PEOPLE SCREW UP. And this is why I always prefer to buy my items in-store, rather than online, where the Beauty Advisors know us and are ACTUALLY DEPENDABLE.

Yes, this is just a beauty box, filled with deluxe or travel size items.  It’s not like it’s the nuclear football.  But, the point is, Sephora isn’t exactly the dollar store.  When one patronizes Sephora, a certain level of service is expected.

I just keep thinking, THIS is how they treat their Rouge customers…??? I have been VIB Rouge since the program FIRST STARTED. Often, renewing my Rouge membership by February! Jerry also has his own separate VIB Rouge membership. So, if we are both Rouge, and are treated like this, it makes me wonder how they treat others…?!?!?

Obviously, the online Sephora people are clueless. So, if you need a Sephora item, do your best to purchase in-store, where you’re actually contributing to the sales goals of the real people who care, and are dependable.

I’m sure I will forgive them at some point. But, the powers-that-be at Sephora need to get a clue in fixing issues. Instead of handing out points like Motrin in the military, they really need some lessons in actually resolving THEIR f*ck-ups.

So, for now, Sephora, YOU SUCK.