Sephora, You Still Suck, but at Least I Actually GOT a May Play Box…

Yes, Sephora, you still suck.  Although I did actually receive a box this month, I’m still VERY bitter about getting screwed out of a box last month because the Overlords at Sephora have their heads stuck up their a$$es.  I became even more pi$$ed off when I found that the box I did NOT get contained Sunday Riley Good Genes.  Oh yes, Sephora, you suck balls.  Major balls.  (You can read about what happened here.)

Well, despite my bitterness, I did actually finally receive my box for May.  It was a bit different from previous boxes, although I don’t know if April’s was different- because again, Sephora sucks and their box people are clueless.  Have I mentioned that yet…???

May Sephora Play 1

Anyway, I noticed right away this one was different because the outer box had different stripes than the previous ones, and it was lighter.  Uh-oh, that can’t be good, right…?  So, I opened it up, and there was no inner box with cute shred, it was instead a little drawstring pouch with the phrase “Let’s Beauty Together.”  While the pouch is adorable, I worry about the items possibly getting damaged due to lack of packing material, but only time will tell, these items were all fine, though.

May Sephora Play 2

Also, instead of a booklet about the products, this one was just a large sheet of paper folded into quarters.  I kind of liked the booklet- this just seems kind of cheap.  But, it still contained the pertinent information regarding the products.

May Sephora Play 3

So, what was inside the box/pouch?

My May Sephora Play Box did NOT contain the Sunday Riley I’m so angry about missing out on, but it did contain the following:

May Sephora Play 4

-Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Kimchi– I love Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche lipstick, but I HATE pink.  And this is a bright damn pink, it’s described as “Shocking Pink.”  I wish they would have included a shade that’s more suitable for many people, but that’s not Bite’s fault.  If you like pink lipstick, this is definitely one you should get!

-Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask– I just received this in another subscription box last month, but it’s a great product, and I can definitely use it.  However, they should probably keep track of what other subscriptions are sending out so they can avoid dupes as much as possible.

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-Tarte Tarteist Lip Crayon in Latergram– I LOVE Tarte, and this is actually a great, very wearable shade.  Can’t wait to use it!

-Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial– I really like Korres, and have always been impressed with their products.  Plus, I love sleeping masks, so I’m really excited about this!

-Origins mask sample packet– This is a fragrance vial sized spray mask primer, and samples of the Clear Improvement and Drink-Up Intensive masks.  I really like all the Origins products I’ve tried, so these seem promising.  I wish the samples were bigger, though, as in deluxe sized, not just sachet packets.

-Atelier Orange Sanguine fragrance sample– I’ve had a few of these, and the scent just isn’t for me.  Citrus fragrances are not my style, but Atelier’s scents are always very nice and high quality.  So, if you like citrusy fragrances, you should definitely give this one a whirl!

Again, this month the fragrance sample was included as a sixth item, which is fine by me.  I just hope the sample sachet packets are not going to be a “thing” now, considering we can go into any store and ask for samples of these any time, for free.  I hope that, moving forward, there won’t be too many of these.

Overall, though, the contents were great, even the Bite Beauty lipstick was an awesome addition- the issue for me is purely one of shade.  If it had been something other than pink, it would be the item I’m most happy about.  Since it’s not, I’m most excited about the Korres and Tarte items.  I’m also anxious to try the Origins, even though they’re only single use.

I still remain pi$$ed about last month.

Do you have a Sephora Play subscription?  What was your favorite item this month?  Scroll down to comment below!

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