Hello and welcome!

My name is Renee’, and I’m a “Southern Transplant.”  Although I’m Unangax (Alaska Native) and St’at’imc (First Nations), I grew up in the Midwest, and moved to Louisiana when I was 21.  I am in no way a “Southern Belle.”  I’m stubborn, I speak what’s on my mind, and I loathe sweet tea!

I was an Art & Design major at Iowa State University, then pursued a new path after discovering I wasn’t really learning anything.  I was merely learning names for techniques I was already using; and learned more from my acting classes than the art classes.  I was never really into makeup or beauty.  I bought the cheapest stuff I could find, and didn’t use much of it.  I have always been a tomboy- preferring muddy activities, outdoor work, etc.  And I don’t like pink!

I went to school again and became a surgical assistant, but then moved to Louisiana.  I worked for “Corporate America” for several years, and while I was very successful, I was looking for something more meaningful.  I became more interested in makeup and beauty when doing a bit of modeling.  I was amazed by what a bit of purplish-brownish powder could do when used with a lighter color.  Later on, I would learn this was called “contouring.”

I secured an internship with our Coroner’s Office.  After sitting for, and passing, the exam for the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators at St. Louis University’s School of Medicine, I was commissioned as a Deputy Coroner.  Later on, I was promoted to Chief Death Investigator.

I loved working Coroner cases because I could learn SO much.  This is when I got into fragrances.  I often came home smelling (not going to get into the reasons why I smelled), so I stepped into a popular beauty store.  One thing led to another, and I “re-discovered makeup.”  There was a huge difference when using good quality makeup and tools compared to what I had used before.  The pigmentation was phenomenal, and I could blend to my hearts content!  I guess the artist in me started showing itself again.  As I approached 40, skincare and anti-aging became a concern.  I discovered I could use my skills and science and research to help educate regarding all the sham marketing in expensive skincare products.

I still didn’t think much of the beauty world, until a tragic event occurred.  My sister was a victim of extreme domestic violence and was beaten to within an inch of her life.  She later on had a ruptured cerebral aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage, requiring emergency brain surgery.  An organization called Seeds of Hope was there for her, mentally and physically.  They donated a gift certificate to her for a complete day at a spa.  I never really knew how much good this type of thing could do for someone.  Merely having access to quality products to make her beautiful on the outside, helped her feel better on the inside.  This led to more self-confidence and a greater sense of pride.

Back to school, again!  I recently finished graduate school, and earned a Master of Public Administration.  This enabled me to start a non-profit organization in order to continue serving others.  I still had a desire to do something creative, though, so behold… Beaux Beauty!

Enjoy, and come back often!



Modeling glossy from the mid 90s- a far cry from the cowgirl fashion shows I did in my childhood!


Yes, that is my real hair- I went blonde and shorter to work an event for a video game company!


Strawberry blonde- I got to introduce Clive Barker at an event.


Right before I said “bye-bye” to the blonde- it was fun, but way too much upkeep.