Saint Jane C-Drops are HG for Me!

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Kahlwa7alap– hello everyone!  Hope you’ve all been having as fabulous a week as possible!  We’re still isolating, only getting out for groceries and meds, and occasionally takeout or coffee while practicing safety (yes, we wear masks!).  I can’t imagine how our ancestors must have felt when enduring pandemics and wars without the resources and luxuries we have today!

Speaking of luxuries… I got the most AHHH-MAZING Vitamin C serum, and I haven’t been this excited about a Vitamin C product in a LONG time!  With sunnier days and more outdoor activities, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate our skincare routines.  So, the Saint Jane Beauty C-Drops arrived just in time to deal with the free radicals and photo-aging from the sun.

If you’ve read our blog before, you may know that I’m a sucker for lux packaging.  But, if I pay a lot for packaging, and the contents are just mediocre, then I become very disappointed- and I’m honest about it.  Read on to find out if the contents of Saint Jane C-Drops are just as amazing as the packaging…

Currently, Saint Jane Beauty C-Drops are only available at Credo Beauty (they have an AWESOME rewards program, and outstanding customer service), and if you order, shipping is free, and you get to pick three free samples, too!  Ship time is quick, especially considering the pandemic- for example, I just ordered a few items, and it only takes about a day for them to get your package out.


Saint Jane C-Drops come in a lovely cylinder-shaped “box” that’s recyclable- I think I’ll hold onto it to store extra paperclips, etc., in, because it’s just so pretty!  The formula is housed in a lux white glass bottle with a dropper, and a gold plate with the brand and product name.  This just looks so damn fabulous sitting on my counter!

So, what makes Saint Jane’s Vitamin C serum different from all the rest?  First off, it’s a highly concentrated formula, with 20% Vitamin C.  The issue with antioxidants is so many are unstable and become useless fairly quickly.   The form of Vitamin C used by Saint Jane (3-glyceryl ascorbate), unlike many other products, is quite stable.  The introduction of a glycerol group into the a specific part of ascorbic acid results in high stability in formulations (Katsyama, Nakamura, Taira, Masaki & Yoshioka, 2015).  This means the Vitamin C will be effective for a longer duration.

Another huge difference is that Vitamin C can be irritating, especially if you have sensitive skin (I do), and really extra especially at such a high concentration.  So… like the brand’s cult-fave Luxury Beauty Serum, the C-Drops contain as astounding 500 mg of full spectrum CBD*!  I usually only use potentially irritating products at night so I’m not red during the day, but the addition of such a large amount of CBD gave me high hopes (no pun intended- seriously, I didn’t even notice that until after I had typed it…lol!).


As I mentioned in my Derma E post (read it here), research has shown that when applied topically to the skin, CBD oil has anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as antioxidant properties (Begoun, 2020).  This means it can help reduce inflammation as well as address free radical damage and the visible signs of aging (Begoun, 2020).

I use tretinoin, so I have sensitive skin, and it’s easily irritated.  I’m also at the tail end of a massive break-out.  Weird thing is that Jerry has broken out, also, so it’s not my skincare.  The only thing we can think of is the “bad” food we’ve been eating while isolating, not having the same choice of foods due to stock issues, and a new laundry product I used to wash our sheets.  So, I re-washed the sheets, and used some extra CBD-based skincare to calm the inflammation, and so far, so good.

Anywho, I still have inflammation and redness, and some of the spots are still there.  But… when this arrived, I decided to try it anyway.  I had NO irritation whatsoever.  NONE.  I’ve been using the Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Beauty Serum for several weeks (I’ll post a separate review soon), and I’m pretty sure that’s why the breakout hasn’t been worse.  Combined with some gentle acne products, and re-washing the bedding, it’s improved quickly.

There aren’t a lot of oils I like- having oily skin and being acne-prone, I fall into that category of people who are naturally freaked out by oils.  There are only about two that I’ve found that I would even consider wearing under makeup, and the Saint Jane C-Drops are the third.  Although, if I’m wearing a full face of makeup, and it needs to last, I probably won’t wear this during the day in the hot, humid Louisiana summers!  BUT, it’s incredibly light, and sinks in pretty quickly for an oil.

C-Drops have a very mild, natural, barely-there citrusy scent that dissipates quickly.  I didn’t notice any stickiness or greasiness, the formula went on smoothly, and seemed to absorb quickly- even on my oily skin!   The instructions say to use a full dropper in the morning and at night, but I’ve only been using two drops.  With potentially irritating products, I start off slowly with a small amount, then gradually build up.  I don’t know that I’ll actually need more, because the results I’ve gotten have been phenomenal, and it’s only been a few days!

After washing and toning and applying eye cream, I use the Saint Jane C-Drops followed by the Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum.  After letting them each absorb, I apply my moisturizer, then head to bed.  In the morning, I just use the C-Drops, eye cream, and moisturizer, following cleansing and toning.

After using the C-Drops once, yes, ONCE (at night), I woke up, washed and toned my face, and OMG.  I saw GLASS SKIN staring back at me in the mirror!  Yes, there was still discoloration and inflammation from the breakout, but the results took my breath away.  I’ve always stayed away from products promising “glass skin” because to me, this translated to “shiny and oily.”  But now, I get it.  I finally understand the glass skin thing.  Apart from the breakout remains, my skin was absolutely LUMINOUS.  It wasn’t greasy because I had just washed and toned my face.  My pores looked shallower.  It was just pure radiance.  If I got these results after just ONE use, I’m SO excited to see what happens after I’ve been using these longer!

Ignore the breakout leftovers… it was difficult to capture the luminosity, but I was SO happy!

While pricey at $90, a little bit goes a LONG way due to such a high concentration of active ingredients. This is something that I’ll happily have a garage sale or something like that to be able to buy more…lol.  You can also mix a drop or two with your moisturizer if you want them to last longer.  Plus, by purchasing Saint Jane Beauty C-Drops at Credo you get free shipping, three free samples, and the rewards program (free to sign up) is pretty awesome.  Head over to now for more info or to purchase!

*CBD in the manner in which I’ve been using it has NOT been evaluated by the FDA.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own, based on my own experiences.  As with all substances, make sure to purchase from a reputable vendor that is transparent with supply/sourcing, as well as certificate of analysis (COA) and/or ingredient disclosure.  Also, despite federal legislation, each state and local level jurisdictions have their own laws and requirements.  Make sure to note your area’s cannabis laws prior to using or obtaining any CBD products.

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