Rusk CTC Lite Blow Dryer from Fashion & Beauty Store

Rusk CTC Lite Hair Dryer 1


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hope you all had a magnificent weekend!!!!

I found out about an awesome online store- it’s called Fashion and Beauty Store, and they have all sorts of professional salon brand products, at discount prices.  They have hair care, nail care, tools, etc., from a continuously growing list of brands.

I was really excited they sent me a Rusk CTC Lite Pro 1900 watt dryer- Jerry and both have long, thick hair, so we can ALWAYS use a good blow dryer!  Jerry uses a dryer every day, and I use one several times a week.

Rusk CTC Lite Hair Dryer 3

Be sure to check out our unboxing video at the bottom- Jerry has a great (EASY) tip for prolonging the life of your blow dryer!

Since I have color-treated hair that’s prone to damage, I only use professional dryers.  This isn’t because there aren’t any good drugstore brands available, though.  I have friends who are hairstylists, and I rely on their advice on what products will be best for my hair.  Since professional brands are all they use, by default, that’s what they recommend.

One of the reasons I was so happy to collab on this dryer is because I’ve heard great things about the Rusk dryers, but have never owned one.  I’ve used their haircare line at home, but never any of their tools.

Rusk CTC Lite Hair Dryer 2

The Rusk CTC Lite Pro 1900 is, of course, 1900 watts, utilizes ceramic and titanium technology, has six heat and speed settings along with a cool shot button, is super lightweight, ergonomically shaped, and comes with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle.

Rusk CTC Lite Hair Dryer 5

The first thing I noticed was that it truly is super lightweight, even lighter than the one I’ve been using.  I also like the six settings, and the buttons are conveniently located so I can change settings while I’m drying my hair.  The wattage is perfect- since it’s at the higher range, my hair gets dry FAST, but it’s not so high that it damages my hair.

Rusk CTC Lite Hair Dryer 4

With the dryer being so light weight and having the perfect wattage and convenient controls, my hair ends up silky smooth, and my arms don’t get tired out…lol!   I’ve spent $300 on a hair dryer, and the Rusk CTC Lite 1900 performs comparably.  So, it’s a great value, especially if you get it from Fashion and Beauty Store where it’s just $91.00!

Check it out at, and don’t forget to watch our video below for more info!

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