RuckPack Combat Nutrition for Enhanced Energy & Focus (+ Supporting our Vets!)

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Hey, you guys, hope you’re all mighty swell!

I’ve been trying out some energy shots from a newer brand called RuckPack, which has been featured on Shark Tank as well as Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox and Friends, People Magazine, the Marine Times, and more.  One of the best things about RuckPack (besides the product…lol!) is that the company was founded by a Marine Special Operations Forces veteran, which really means a lot to me.

RuckPack is military service member owned and operated, with product designed with the warfighter in mind.  RuckPack is made in the USA and gives back 10% of profits to charity.  It always makes me feel good to support veteran-owned and socially responsible companies- with RuckPack, we get both!

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, I really appreciate that RuckPack is comprised of more than 20 veterans from multiple services, with a percentage of profits donated to several charities, including the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.

RuckPack Combat Nutrition Energy Shots were developed to help Special Operations Forces endure the rigors of the battlefield and war.  Although I was in a medical operations squadron, thus a non-combatant, I love that I can benefit from these now. 

I have a very intensive fitness routine, consisting of long-distance running, jumping rope, weightlifting, etc.  With a very busy lifestyle, jampacked with obligations, it’s easy to get tired and run down.  One of the things I really like is that RuckPack doesn’t just contain caffeine or other stimulants- the shots are also formulated with nootropics, substances that act as “brain food.”

In addition to energy, the nootropics in RuckPack help enhance focus, mood, motivation, memory, and cognitive functioning.  The formula can help aid in mind-muscle communication and coordination during times of fatigue.  Pretty swell, huh?

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I received two of the Citrus Ambush shots with double caffeine, two Strawberry Assault, and one caffeine-free Raspberry Grenade.  Strangely enough, even though the Citrus Ambush shots contained 240 mg of caffeine each, I never noticed a “crash” like I do with many other energy products.  I was able to get through a weightlifting and jump rope workout, along with a ten mile run, without jitters.

I used the Strawberry Assault shots with 120 mg of caffeine on my shorter run days.  Since I was only doing six or seven miles, I didn’t need as much, and I easily finished without fatigue.  The caffeine-free Raspberry Grenade shots are perfect when I just want to feel awake and alert, but don’t need the extra energy.

So, I know you’re all probably wondering about the taste, right?  Well, you know how some energy shots are just really harsh?  These aren’t!  They’re actually quite pleasant, and unlike many others, they don’t give me indigestion.   I’ve been really pleased with RuckPack, and I’ll absolutely keep using them.

To top it all off, the company is in the process of developing a virtually non-profit Veteran Discount Program, where veterans and police officers can obtain powder supplements below wholesale pricing.  As if I need any more reason to support this company!   Now you can get the energy you need, and feel good about it, too!

But, OMG, that’s not all!  RuckPack is offering our readers a 20% discount!  Just use code BB109 at  What are you waiting for?