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Hey all!  Omg, I’m SO ready for this season to be OVER.  The cold, dry weather has been wreaking havoc on my skin.  So, when Pixi Beauty sent a travel bag full of their Rose Skintreats, it was such a welcome surprise!  Everything arrived in the most adorable travel case, so it was perfect to take on our recent trip to New Orleans.

While the weather was fab (80 degrees!), there are still quite a few environmental stressors, especially with all the construction work being done in the area where we were staying.  Plus, lots of activity and very little sleep contribute to skin looking blah, so I was excited about these Skintreats!

Having been a floral designer, roses, especially red roses, are such a cliche thing.  BUT, when it comes to skincare, roses are the bomb dot com!  While Jerry knows better than to get me roses, he also knows I actually love the smell of roses.  Not only do they smell elegant, but they remind me of my grandmas.  One of the concerns I’ve heard is that sometimes rose-based skincare products can have an overpowering scent.  Not Pixi– these are NOT my grandmas’ skincare products!

With Pixi Rose Skintreats, you get the benefits and luxury of roses, without the “mature” over-powering smell.  Pixi really hit it out of the park, as I feel extraordinarily pampered, and the scent is light, modern, and quickly dissipating.  So, you get all the benefits without the headaches!

The Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths are as a first step in cleansing.  When doing a full face of makeup for going to dinner with Jerry in the evenings, the cloths came in super handy when we got back.  I was able to remove the majority of my eye makeup and a good bit of my foundation as well.  I followed up with the Rose Cream Cleanser, which contains avocado oil and mud, so it’s soothing without being drying.

Following cleansing, Rose Tonic helps balance the skin and remove any last traces of makeup left.  I used the Rose Glow Mist after toning just for a bit more moisture, and to allow the next products to sink in a bit better.  The Rose Caviar Essence is a kind of oil-in-gel, and adds a bit more hydration prior to applying the Rose Ceramide Cream.  At night, I finished with the Rose Oil Blend to lock it all in.

During the day, when I knew I’d be wearing makeup, I started with the Rose Cream Cleanser, then toned with Rose Tonic, and followed with the Rose Glow Mist.  New Orleans is very humid, and I’m oily, so I skipped he heavier moisturizers except for a teeny-tiny bit of the Rose Ceramide Cream under my eyes.  I used a small amount of the Rose Flash Balm as a makeup primer, then did my makeup, and set everything with the Makeup Fixing Mist.


I also used the Rose Flash Balm as a mask, and the Rose Glow Mist can be used anytime throughout the day or evening for an added spritz of moisture.  If your skin is normal or dry, or you’re in a drier environment, you can use the Rose Ceramide Cream or Rose Oil Blend during the day, too.

It’s always a challenge to take good care of my skin when we’re not home.  I often toss whatever sample and travel-sized products I have into a bag, and go- this can end badly, though!  Pixi made it easy to streamline my routine for our trip- and if you’re flying, they also have some great travel-sized kits!

As always, I’m thrilled that Pixi has such great formulations available at super-reasonable prices- head over to now!

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