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Hey you guys, hope you’re all having a great fall, as much as I hate to use the word “fall.”  I want an endless summer!

So I got a package from REN Skincare, and I was pretty stoked about it since I’ve always been happy with everything I’ve tried from the brand.  (Hello, Glycol Lactic mask!)  Well, this package contained their NEW Perfect Canvas Silicone Free Skin Finishing Serum– which, as an artist, immediately appealed to me.

I was a tiny bit apprehensive, though, because I love the finish I get from silicones.  In the art world, a silicone-based primer would be akin to properly priming a canvas with gesso; while a silicone-free formula would be like using watercolor to prime- in other words, it wouldn’t create a smooth base.

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Before I tell you whether or not my apprehension was relieved, I’ll tell you a bit about the formula.  This serum that’s meant to be applied after your moisturizer is made with probiotics and agave extract.  The probiotics are purported to encourage surface cell renewal to smooth the skin and enhance its structure, while the agave extract primes the skin for makeup application (REN Skincare, 2017).

In addition to smoothing and priming the skin, REN Perfect Canvas contains natural sugars to help lift, tighten, and fill while stimulating internal skin structure.  Plus, the ingredients are purported to boost the skin’s immunity for fewer breakouts (REN Skincare, 2017).

Ren Perfect Canvas 2

Perfect Canvas is housed in white dropper bottle with minimalist black print- it looks super sleek on my counter!  I do wish it was in a pump, though, since I tend to be quite clumsy and have often knocked bottles over…lol!  But, it’s not a deal breaker, and the dropper makes it easy to extract the perfect amount.

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The serum has a light, fresh, barely-there scent that disappears almost immediately, so it’s luxurious, but not annoying.  The formula truly has a serum texture, and is super easy to spread.  There is the slightest, tiniest bit of tackiness at first, which I like because it seems to make makeup adhere better, but this goes away after a few minutes.  The tackiness disappears immediately if I put on my foundation right away.

Ren Perfect Canvas 5

My foundation went on SO smoothly and evenly, and my skin looked much smoother, too.  Weird thing is, that even without silicones, my makeup goes on as if this were a heavy silicone formula- something I never thought possible.  My makeup also lasted all day, which I was really surprised about.

After 14 hours- my makeup fared much better than my!

After 14 hours- my makeup fared much better than my hair…lol!

So, the bottom line is that YES, you CAN get a long-lasting, smooth finish with a silicone-free primer!  Price-wise, Perfect Canvas Silicone Free Skin Finishing Serum retails for $55, putting it at the top of the mid-range, so it may seem a bit pricey.  But, you only need to use about half, maybe less, the amount you need with other formulas, so it’s good value.  Actually, it’s a GREAT value considering the skincare benefits that go along with the priming!

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