REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm

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Aang, it’s uxnam tugida- or “month when the grass begins to wither and animals grow thin” (Oliver, 1988).

Hi everyone, can you believe it’s August already…?!?!  On my Unangax side of my family, it’s when grass starts to wilt and animals start to thin, as mentioned above.  It’s not only a bummer for the grass and animals, but for me, as well.  It’s the month when all the kids here in Louisiana start heading back to school, and that means autumn is coming.  With summer being my favorite season (despite being BC & Alaska Native!), I dread it’s end. 🙁

I’ve barely had a chance to catch my breath this summer, with so much going on.  The biggest source of stress has been travel, which I LOATHE.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being at the destinations, visiting family, and seeing new sights.  I just absolutely hate the process, and having to play catch-up with work afterward- it’s exhausting.  I need a trip to a beach, where we can sleep in, and just relax on the sand all day, with no obligations.  Actually, I REALLY need a few months with no travel just to get back on track- keeping my fingers crossed!

A nice touch- and a reminder to recycle!

Anywho, when we got back from our last trip, there was a box from REN Clean Skincare, and it was a travel-themed box!  Inside was the brand’s Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm, which was a very welcome surprise.  It would have been handy to have while we were gone, IF I would’ve actually had the time try it, which I didn’t.  So, it was arrived at the PERFECT time.

REN’s Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm is a sleeping mask that uses enzymatically activated oils to nourish and stimulate lipid production, which helps sensitized skin help itself.  In addition to olive, almond, and borage oils, the formula contains jojoba and sunflower oils, along with beta-glucan to support lipid balance and strengthen the skin’s barrier system.

The balm is packaged in a sleek jar, which is a bit annoying to constantly dip fingers into the product, thus introducing bacteria.  I’m not sure with the consistency, though, that it would even be possible to package this another way- so just make sure to wash and thoroughly dry your hands prior to use, or even use a cosmetic spatula.

The balm is used at night, as the last part of your skincare routine.  Simply apply the balm and massage into the skin until it absorbs.  Upon first glance, it kind of resembles petroleum jelly, but it’s far from it, as there are no petroleum products included in any of REN’s line.  As a result of your body temperature, the texture easily “melts” into the skin.  It’s especially quick to absorb for me, as even with our A/C on, the indoor temperature is still warmer than most other places due to the Louisiana heat…lol.

With the combination of dry airplane air, stress, lack of sleep, and then coming back into the Louisiana heat, let’s just say my skin was a mess.  As soon as I dipped out a small amount of the balm and massaged it onto my face, it was instantly soothing, and the majority sunk right in, leaving just a bit to absorb over the next few minutes.  Strangely enough, it didn’t really feel greasy, and there wasn’t a strong smell- just a light natural scent that dissipated pretty quickly.

When I woke up, my skin felt very dewy, but not gross and greasy, but most of all- hydrated and CALM.  As soon as I washed my face, my skin was so soft, and I actually looked rested, the dullness was nearly gone.  After two more nights using it, my skin was pretty much back to normal, the way it was before all the travel, stress, and heat!

I’ve been quite pleased with how this calms my skin so quickly.  The jar is just over an ounce, which seems kind of small at first, but you’ll notice that the tiniest little bit goes a LONG way.  Try it out and you’ll be on your way to happy, calm skin!  Available at and

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Oliver, E. (1988). Journal of an Aleutian Year.


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