Relax Your Mind & Body with 7 Chakras Incense

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Hey everyone!

I’m sure most of you, at some point, have had to deal with long-term stress.  Stress has been the story of my life over the past couple years.  On top of the economy, bad weather, states of emergency, power outages, and not being super happy down here, there’s also work, health issues, etc.  Although I love what I do, work keeps me super busy, so it’s definitely a contributing factor when it comes to stress.

I’ve started getting back into shape and getting healthy again after a series of unfortunate health and medical problems.  Exercise and eating clean really help, but then a new slew of problems comes along- sciatica, plantar fasciitis, chondromalacia, muscle soreness, you name it!

I’ve always preferred natural methods first, whenever possible, when it comes to dealing with life’s issues.  Having grown up in Iowa, home of Maharishi University and Maharishi Vedic City, I’ve always been aware of the benefits of Ayurveda.  Furthermore, due to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taking a fancy to the area, Fairfield, Iowa, is also the U.S. home of the TM (transcendental meditation) movement- meaning a lot of Iowans are familiar with the practice.

Jerry and I were Skyping with my 12-year old nephew (he’s in Iowa), while playing Roblox online with him at the same time.  Jerry asked him what a certain building was, and my nephew answered, “Oh, that’s a meditation hut.”  I was like, “Hey Ty, do you meditate?”  He confirmed that he does, saying, “It helps me relax.”

So anyway, due to a lot of stress and being unable to further my health and fitness goals without some “help,” I turned to Ayurvedic herbs and teas.  I also decided meditation would more than likely help with the stress factors.  If my nephew can do it, I can do it!  Although I’ve never been fortunate enough to learn the official TM method, I’ve found other ways.

As a Native American, I had the privilege of being the student of some Natives when I lived in the Southwest.  I learned quite a bit, including smudging and meditation techniques.  My problem now is that I still haven’t been able to get relaxed enough to even begin to meditate.

As you can imagine, I was pretty ecstatic when I got the chance to partner with Ocea Creations and try out their 7 Chakras incense.  This is a set of seven varieties of incense formulated by an Ayurvedic doctor to help with relaxation and meditation.  Different essential oils are used in each one, to help balance each of the seven chakras.

Again, being from Iowa, I’m familiar with the concept of chakras, I just can’t pronounce them…lol!  But, the concept of a different incense for each one is really interesting.  I figured these incense sticks may be exactly what I need to relax so I can meditate and de-stress.

7 Chakras Incense 4

As I mentioned essential oils are used for the incense, and they’re very high quality.  When I first lit one, it wasn’t overly smoky like a lot of cheap sticks out there.  The scent was also extremely “clean,” and not overpowering.  I didn’t feel like I was being “smoked out.”  You could tell these weren’t your everyday ten-sticks-for-a-dollar incense you got as a teenager…lol!  Each pack also comes with a little paper describing the incense and the chakra, which I found very helpful.

7 Chakras Incense 2

In addition to the high quality, I really like the sticks are long burning, around 60 minutes each.  So, no worries about having to hold a sage wand or sweetgrass braid and waft it around to keep it burning.  Nothing wrong with doing so, but it’s hard to relax enough to meditate when you’re having to constantly wave something around.

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By the way, make sure to check out our video below, so you can find out which essential oils are used for each chakra, they’re pretty amazing!  (You’ll have to excuse my rough voice, I’ve had a lot of allergy and sinus problems lately. 🙁 )

So, was I able to relax?  The 7 Chakras incense definitely helped.  Breathing in the light, relaxing essential oils helped me concentrate a bit better on a mantra.  I’m confident that with a bit more practice, I’ll be able to enter into a relaxed state much more quickly and easily now that I have these!

Check ‘em out at Amazon, and hurry up and relax already!!

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.


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