Rainy Sunday!

Kalhwa7acw- hello!

It’s Sunday, and it’s raining again.  I know it’s needed, but I normally get annoyed with the it (sorry, Mother Nature!).  Over the past few days, though, it’s been kind of a blessing.  I’ve been on the verge of “burning out” for months, and now with The Virus, everything has become even more overwhelming.

If you read my post about our house flooding (read it here), you know what a mess it made.  It’s been an ongoing task to clean up, and we haven’t been able to finish because of the continued lack of cleaning supplies to deal with disinfecting, mold, mildew, etc.  So, the entire thing has been put on “hold,” and our belongings are still in tubs all over the house.  Jerry is furloughed, so I’ve been working every waking moment.  Combined with a lot of other stressful things going on right now, I’ve really been kind of at my wit’s end.

There are a few projects I’d like to do for myself, and I still haven’t finished one I started last year.  I just really haven’t had any time to just “be,” and to do anything for ME.  Now with the rain, my plans for catching up on yard work have been put on hold.  I know that means it’s just going to be a lot more work in a few days, but for now, I get to slow down.  But, I didn’t really see it that way at first…lol.

It started out with getting stung by a bee while mowing the lawn.  Had to take meds because I’m allergic, which knocked me out and I’ve been continuously sleepy and not getting anything done.  Then it started raining, so I couldn’t finish the yard.  I became frantic, because I knew of everything else I had to do, and how it was all going to just pile up.

We used the weather as an excuse to take a “coffee break” yesterday (read about it here), and just that half hour of time was incredibly refreshing.  I got more work done yesterday afternoon and evening than I thought I would, even with being sleepy from meds.  When I woke up today, Jerry said it was raining again.  At first I started to get frustrated, then realized that maybe, just maybe, I’m being given “permission” to kind of chill out for just a bit.

I was frustrated yesterday with someone being racist on my TL, which unfortunately seems to happen a lot in this world.  Someone on Twitter mentioned that I don’t owe anyone my time.  I need to start reminding myself of this regularly.  I’ve really been spreading myself too thin, and it’s taking the joy out of things I normally really love.

I usually check my emails and messages regularly, but I decided to hold off.  I’ll check in to my social channels regularly to make sure everyone is well, but I’m not going to answer the phone (have I ever mentioned how much I hate talking on the phone?) or check my messages and emails today.  Heck, I might even ignore them tomorrow, too, if it means I’ll get more done with less stress!

I think the point I’m getting at is that it really seems that I’m just not going to get the break I need in anytime soon, or even in the foreseeable future!  So, maybe taking a few “mini breaks” will help me get through the feelings of being overwhelmed for the time being.  So… while it’s raining, I’m going to work on a blog post about a new lipstick that I FINALLY got to try out.  I’m going to order out so I don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning up.  And I’m going to watch movies.  And take a bubble bath.

Happy Rainy Sunday!