Rain Run & Murphy’s Law

rainy day

It’s hump day again.  And it’s raining.  Of course.  This is Louisiana, so what else is new?

When I moved to Louisiana, it was culture shock.  I like the food here, I’ve met some great people, I like the heat, and I really like the food.  (Did I mention that?)  But, I loathe sweet tea (such a sacrilege to add sugar to perfectly good tea) and the RAIN.

The rain wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for where I live.  We pay a premium for really shoddy services, including utilities.  Everything is old, and the historical overlords won’t allow for any upgrades supposedly, so every time a bird $hits on a wire, the power goes out.  At least I don’t work for the city’s utility department.  I have friend who just retired as a supervisor, and I feel SO bad for those guys having to get out in the inclement weather and climb poles to restore our power so often.

Well, anywho, now that you know about the horrific rain here, on to my day…  I will run in the rain- anything to avoid the treadmill, but I avoid the lightning.  All day, I kept hearing the god sirens (this is what we locals call the emergency public address system).  The air raid siren would sound, then the voice would come on with, “This.  Is. A severe. Weather. Alert.  Take shelter. Immediately.”  Or, “This. Is. A tornado. Warning. Take shelter. Immediately.”

rainy day weather report

This went on all day long.  I kept waiting for it to ease up so I could go on my five mile run (I do five each day during the week, then seven to ten on Fridays since I have the weekend to recover).  Then, there was a tornado watch supposedly until 5pm.  At 5:30, the rain eased up and became lighter, and I didn’t see anymore lightning, so I headed out.

Well after my first mile, it started pouring down.  Not a problem, though, considering I’m always soaking wet with sweat, anyway, right?  Starting my fourth mile, and heading toward home, there was a tiny bit of lightning, but not horrible, and I was on my way home.  THEN it started easing up.

I got home, took my water-logged shoes off at the door.  Went into the back to peel off my wet clothes.  Then the god sirens again.  But this time, no air raid, it was the lovely little tune it plays, then the “all clear” announcement.  Go figure.  The story of my life.  As soon as I finish up, THEN it’s all clear.  Mother Nature, YOU SUCK.