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Radical Skincare’s Radical Perfection Fluid is a new release for October, and one of the products I have been most excited about. I really like that it’s packaged in a convenient, sanitary pump that keeps air out, so the ingredients stay fresh. To top it off, the pump bottle is pink- perfect for being released during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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I have also used the company’s Instant Revitalizing Mask and Anti-Aging Exfoliating Pads. No B.S., no “smoke and mirrors,” when analyzing the ingredients, you will find that Radical Skincare products are the real deal.

The best part about Radical Perfection Fluid is that it’s a 2-in-1 product, a serum and lotion in one, that works to brighten and blur imperfections while at the same time smoothing wrinkles. Additionally, Radical Perfection Fluid utilizes the company’s Trylacel Technology, which combines a high level of anti-aging ingredients, multiple antioxidants, and soothing ingredients. This allows for high potency formulas that can be used even on sensitive skin.

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According to Radical Skincare, some of the active ingredients are Aesthinet extracted from red algae, LipoLight OAP/PVA, Hyalusphere, Matrixl Synthe ‘6, and Whitesphere. Aesthinet acts as a humectant to maintain moisture on the surface of the skin in a more efficient manner than hyaluronic acid. LipoLight OAP/PVA is a patented luminescent ingredient that diffuses visible light and reduces the appearance of imperfections. Hyalusphere delivers hyaluronic acid to deep layers and helps smooth average wrinkles. Matrixl Synthe ‘6 is a tripeptide that stimulates six compenents of the skin to activate collagen and smooth wrinkles. Whitesphere contains magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and glycyrrhiza glabra to fight dark spots and even out skin tone (Radical Beauty, 2015).

I was also impressed that the first ingredients are aloe barbadensis leaf extract, water, and glycerin, which are all quality moisturizers. Additionally, niacinimide (Vitamin B3), which helps with discoloration, elasticity, etc., is pretty high on the list. There are also other quality ingredients such as squalane, and antioxidants like tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), camellia sinensis extract, coffea robusta seed extract, and vitis vinifera (grape) seed extract.

Although I can’t attest to the long-term results yet, the immediate gratification I got from Radical Perfection Fluid is superb- my skin is plump, moisturized, and luminous. When I first used it, I was amazed at how easily it spread onto my face- it went on very smoothly and a little goes a long way. It does take a few minutes to fully absorb, so wait a bit to apply makeup. When I’m not wearing makeup, I just can’t keep my hands off my face! My skin just feels so “dewy” and soft, I’m guessing this is a result of the Aesthinet, which captures water to maintain moisture on the surface.

The Radical Perfection Fluid has a very light, citrusy scent- like the Instant Revitalizing Mask. Unless you are extremely sensitive, I don’t think the fragrance will be bothersome since it’s very light and dissipates quickly. This is also a convenient and time-saving product because you don’t need a separate serum and lotion. Combine the fact that it’s a 2-in-1 product with the effective, quality ingredients, and this is a great bargain- a product you should not pass up!

Radical Skincare Radical Perfection Fluid retails for $75.00 for 1 oz.

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Radical Beauty (2015). Radical Skincare. Retrieved October 11, 2015, from www.radicalskincare.com.



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  2. Thanks for posting this! I just got this in from Sephora! I’ve only used it a couple days but so far I love it!

  3. I am trying to downsize my skincare routine (my husband keeps getting on to me) and I’m really interested in this since its 2 in 1. I want to get it from Sephora so I can get points but I didn’t see it on their site. Do you know if they are getting it?

    • This is definitely a great way to downsize- I’m trying to do that myself, only with my handbag! Lol! I know you can get it from Space NK, Barney’s, and RadicalSkincare.com, but I’m not sure when it will be available at Sephora. I totally know what you mean about the points, though- I will update if I find out!

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