Pure Goodness Pumpkin Seed Protein is Paleo-Friendly AND Yummy!

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Having been a gym rat who was into bodybuilding (natural, no drugs), I know protein is of the utmost importance in building muscle. Supplements, especially protein powder, have always been a staple in our house.

After having had a stroke, sciatica, and two emergency surgeries, I’m finally getting back into my healthy lifestyle. So, when the opportunity came at the same time to try out Pure Goodness Pumpkin Seed Protein, it was almost like fate. And OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, this is DELICIOUS fate!

Pure Goodness is a premium brand of superfoods made from non-GMO ingredients that are naturally nutrient-rich. Their proteins are also gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan-friendly, and paleo-friendly. The ingredients are minimally processed to ensure maximum nutrient preservation. To top it all off, Pure Goodness gives 1% of its sales to fight hunger by providing nutritious food to communities in need across the United States (Pure Goodness, 2016)!

I’ve tried all the protein powders out there- whey, soy, hemp, and at my peak, even casein at night so I would have a steady time-released flow while I slept. The fabulous folks at Pure Goodness allowed me to choose between their hemp and pumpkin seed formulas, and since it was something I had never tried before, I chose the pumpkin seed.

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Pure Goodness Pumpkin Seed Protein contains 15 grams of plant-based protein per serving. The protein is derived from nutrient-rich pumpkins grown in Styria, a province in the south of Austria. Styrian pumpkins have a notably high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and saturated fatty acids. The seeds are also a great source of protein, as all nine essential amino acids are present (Pure Goodness, 2016).

The pumpkin seeds used to make Pure Goodness protein are cold-pressed. Since chemicals, solvents or temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit are not used, nutrient preservation, as well as quality and flavor, are maximized (Pure Goodness, 2016). So, with the care involved, you can be assured you’re getting the best nutrients possible!

While my body type can gain muscle easily, it also holds onto fat; so I often stick to a low carb diet. Additionally, I try to find proteins with a lower calorie count, and since it’s plant-based, Pure Goodness Pumpkin Seed Protein only has 110 calories per scoop. That’s pretty impressive considering it has 15 grams of protein!

My body type also means that I usually just mix my protein powder with water. But, after a hardcore workout, especially on leg or chest day where I work large muscles and do lots of drop sets, I often take advantage of that immediate post-workout window, and make myself a smoothie. I’ll give you the recipe, but be warned, I don’t do measurements- so you’ll have to bear with me. Sorry, nutritionists, but it’s in my post-workout window…lol!

I make my smoothies in a blender similar to a Ninja or Nutri-Bullet. If you want to stick to a specific diet, such as paleo or dairy-free, be sure to sub ingredients as needed. I put the following into the container: a scoop (or two if I really need it) of protein powder, 1 heaping tablespoon of natural peanut butter, 2 scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt (you can substitute gelato, almond ice cream, almond milk, etc.), four frozen slices of banana, and then I fill the rest of the space with crushed ice, and blend. You know how people groan at the thought of leg day? I swear, I get excited for leg day because it means I get to have this smoothie- it’s THAT good!

The awesome thing about the Pure Goodness Pumpkin Seed Protein is that it comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, and unflavored, so the possibilities are endless, and you won’t get tired of it easily. For example, if I’ve been craving a Reese’s, I do a hardcore workout, then make my smoothie, but use chocolate flavored protein powder. Yum!

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When I first peeled off the seal, the color of the powder kind of surprised me- it’s a brownish color. I liked that it looks so natural, it serves as a reminder that it’s minimally processed. The crazy thing is, with Pure Goodness Pumpkin Seed Protein, I don’t even feel the need to use anything besides water because it actually tastes good.

With other brands, if it’s not blended into a smoothie, I usually down my protein as quickly as possible. I actually savored this stuff, and even made Jerry try it as soon as he got home! My problem with other protein powders is that they often have an artificial, almost “chemically” taste. While it does have the same consistency as most others, the vanilla flavored Pure Goodness Pumpkin Seed Protein tastes similar to melted ice cream!

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Looking rough and sweaty, but feeling great!

So, what’s my verdict? Let’s see, a plant-based protein with all essential amino acids that actually tastes good…??? And they give back to society? Holy moly, this stuff is probably the best protein powder I’ve tried. I hope they never, ever stop making it. If a never-ending supply falls down out of the sky onto my doorstep, well, that would be just super! 😉

You can get Pure Goodness Pumpkin Seed Protein at MyPureGoodness.com.

Pure Goodness is also on Instagram @mypuregoodness, Twitter @mypuregoodness, and Facebook at Pure Goodness.

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