Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray for an Endless Summer ‘Do


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It’s September…uggghhhh…

I know, I know… Chances are, if you’re like the majority of my friends on social media, you’re REALLY excited about fall. Not me. If you’ve been keeping up with our site, you likely already know that summer is my favorite season, and it’s a time of mourning when it draws to an end!

As a result of my depression about the season changing, I like to drag out flip-flop season as much as possible. This includes wearing bright colors, using coconut-scented everything, and dreaming about the beach- including beach-wavy hair.

I swear, I should have been a surfer, because I’m constantly in search of an “endless summer.” Now I’m hearing the Beach Boys in my head- not a bad thing!

Needless to say, I was super excited when I got a package in the mail with Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray– I couldn’t wait to try it out! Not only do beach waves help me channel summertime, but it’s also a great hair style when you’re pressed for time, or for people who are lazy like me when it comes to hair!

Pure Glam, by Organic Beauty Now, was founded in 2009 by a group of passionate health and beauty devotees who believe that it’s entirely possible to have a 100% natural product line that doesn’t sacrifice performance, purity, and purpose. Not only are the products organic and cruelty-free, but the ingredients are sourced from farmers and other suppliers who participate in fair trade and uphold the highest standards of sustainability (Organic Beauty Now, 2015).


The only problem I have with salt or beach wave sprays is that they can be very drying. I have long, thick, color-treated hair, and often have to use a deep conditioning treatment after using these sprays. They also tend to wreak havoc on my color! It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t like to use them so much…lol! Nevertheless, the Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray is VERY different. (Be sure to check out the video below where you can see the results for yourself- we were so impressed with this stuff that we did a video. Keep in mind, we were NOT paid to do it!)


I’ve used the Pure Glam spray several times now, and haven’t had ANY dryness or loss of color. The formula is based on algae extract from the North Atlantic Sea, and is full of nutrients that strengthen hair and act as a natural defense against environmental stress (Organic Beauty Now, 2015). As a result of the quality natural ingredients, I’m left with nothing but soft, shiny waves!


Before Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray

To top off the great ingredients, Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray is incredibly easy to use, even when you’re in a hurry. I usually shower at night, so I use a spray bottle to dampen my hair, then spray on the Waves Sea Spray. I “scrunch” my hair throughout, then let it air-dry, and then I can look like I just spent a day at the beach. I’ve also used it on my hair again when it’s dry if I want more intense waves. Either way, my hair stays soft and shiny- it’s no wonder the brand has already won awards!


After Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray

So, what’s the verdict? I don’t want to be without this spray- it truly is one of the best I’ve used. Pure Glam Waves Beach Spray retails for $26.99, and that’s great deal considering you get 8.5 oz., which is a lot more than you get with other high-end brands. Check it out at OrganicBeautyNow.com, you can use code BB20 for 20% off!

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.


Organic Beauty Now (2015). Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray. Organic Beauty Now. Retrieved September 10, 2016, from www.organicbeautynow.com.


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