Professional Quality Makeup Brushes for $3?

Art Brushes 1

I had been really sad because I found a Sephora Professional pencil eye brush on sale for five dollars on one of our Sephora trips, but I lost it.  So, I’ve bee trying to find a replacement for it, without spending more than the five bucks.  Impossible, right…?

WRONG.  Omg, I can’t believe I never thought of this before!  Having been an art major (the first time around at college…lol), I know my way around brushes.  And believe me, I’ve had plenty of them over the years.

As Jerry and I were on our weekend shopping trip, we stopped at Michael’s so he could look at some art supplies.  We were looking at brushes, and I found the PERFECT brush for doing a cut crease!  It was different than the Sephora pencil brush, but it looked like it might work even better.  Check out the video below, then read on to get the scoop!

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It was a Royal & Langnickel Zen #6, and it was only three bucks!  Not only was this brush eye-catching with it’s shiny, metallic pewter-toned finish, but the bristles were of great quality.  Royal & Langnickel does make brushes specifically for makeup, but the handle on this brush was longer.  I really liked the length- it made application so much easier because I could actually see what I was doing without my hand being in my line of vision as with shorter brushes.

The art brush worked so well that the following week, we returned to Michael’s to check out more brushes.  I ended up getting another brush from the same collection, a Royal & Langnickel Zen #10, which has been fantastic for applying cream eyeshadow.

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I also got another Royal & Langnickel brush, it was an MSGE180-1/8, which is a fine, angled brush that’s perfect for applying winged eyeliner. The handle is also pretty nifty- it’s clear Lucite, and has an ergonomic rubber grip.  Great for those who need a steadier hand when lining!

Finally, I got a Simply Simmons filbert for applying concealer- it’s been particularly useful for application along my brows.

The best part?  None of these brushes was more than three or four dollars!  Jerry downloaded a 30% off coupon on his phone, and our total, with tax, was just over $13 for six brushes (I bought two back-ups).  Mind. Blown.

Art Brushes 2