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Hey you guys!  It’s almost Friday, so that means the weekend is almost here!

I can’t believe it’s already August, summer is going by WAY too fast.  Summer is my fave season because I love the beach- even though there is no beach in the cards for me this year L.  But, there are some great makeup products I’ve had the honor of trying out!

I got another package from Pixi, which has quickly become a go-to brand for me.  With trends coming and going so quickly, I hate to feel the need to sell a kidney to pay for good cosmetics.  Pixi is perfect because they offer high-quality products at very reasonable prices- and they have classic colors and products that are timeless, as well as trendy colors that evolve with changing fads.

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I know, I know, you want to know what all was in the box already, right…?!?!  Lol!  Well, they sent some summer makeup essentials, which I was really excited about!  I got the Nourishing Lip Polish, MultiBalm, Quick Fix Powder, and Makeup Fixing Mist.  Woo-hoo!

Nourishing Lip Polish

OMG, you guys, you have NO idea how stinkin’ happy I was to get this.  It was like a light shining down from above, complete with trumpet fanfare and angels singing “Hallelujah!”  My skin is oily/combination, but my lips remain perpetually dry and peeling- and that’s even WITHOUT wearing matte lipstick!  Arrrgggghhhh…

Pixi Lip Polish 1

So, Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish is housed in a tube with bristles on the applicator.  The bristles are firm, yet soft, kind of a plastic or silicone of some sort.  You squeeze the clear polish, made from apricot and grapefruit oils along with shea butter, onto your lips and massage with the applicator.  You don’t even have to wash it off, the formula can remain on your lips to nourish them.

Pixi Lip Polish 2

When I’m not going to wear lipstick, I just leave the lip polish on.  Otherwise, I just blot my lips with a tissue, so that a tiny bit remains, then apply lipstick.  I love that it leaves my lips really soft and smooth, with a lot less peeling.  Thank you, Pixi!

Pixi Lip Polish 3

MultiBalm Cheek & Lip Colour

Being a very busy person, I’m constantly looking for ways to save time.  When I don’t want to look completely and totally sloppy, I like to apply some BB cream, a bit of lip balm, maybe a touch of mascara.  For days when I’m in a hurry, multi-tasking products are a great time-saver.

Pixi Lip Cheek Balm 1

The crème-powder formula of Pixi’s MultiBalm adds a touch of color to your cheeks and lips, with just a swipe.  There are five versatile shades, so no matter what your skin tone, you should easily be able to find one that suits you.

Pixi Lip Cheek Balm 2

I received the shade “Baby Petal,” which is like a rosy nude, and I LOVE the way it looks.  The product performs well, also, and is SO easy to use!  It works a little better on cheeks, as the stick is pretty wide, but still no major issues with lip application.  It doesn’t last as long on my lips, but I do get a somewhat matte finish, without the dryness- so it’s a good trade-off.

Pixi Lip Cheek Balm 3

Quick Fix Powder

At first, I thought this resembled the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinishing Loose Powder, but when I saw the ingredients, I realized how wrong I was!  The MUFE version consists solely of silica.  Yep.  SAND.  Nothing wrong with that, and it was one of my go-to powders for the longest time.

Pixi Powder 1

But, when I saw the Pixi Quick Fix Powder ingredients, I was blown away.  Yes, it does contain silica along with corn starch, but there are so many GREAT ingredients- such as mango juice extract, pearl powder, cucumber fruit extract, grape seed extract, white tea leaf extract, salicylic acid… I mean, WOW.

Pixi Powder 2

The color, like the MUFE, appears white at first.  It’s actually translucent, though, when you brush it on and blend it.  The texture also seems “silkier” than the MUFE, and the finish is comparable.  The only negative is that since it contains titanium dioxide, it’s not HD compatible, like the MUFE.

Pixi Powder 3

But unless I’m having formal portraits done, I’d probably go for this one from PIxi because it doesn’t just make you look prettier, it’s got such a plethora of ingredients that are so good for skin.  On top of that, it’s only $20 for the full size!

Pixi Powder 4

Makeup Fixing Mist

I’m really, really, really glad I got this- because I had this before, and ran out of it a couple weeks ago!  With the heat, it’s not just a great makeup setting spray- it’s awesome for spraying on sun-parched skin after being out in the Louisiana heat!

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist 1

The Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist is formulated with rosewater and green tea, so it not only helps set your makeup so it lasts longer, but it hydrates, too.  It smells wonderful, and feels really soothing- I actually stashed mine in the refrigerator, and set my makeup when I get my morning cold-brewed oolong tea out.

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist 2

Keeping the mist cold also makes it perfect for my breaks on long runs, or after doing yard work.  It’s so versatile, and at just $15 it’s one of those things you really need to keep on hand!

Pixi Summer Essentials 1

Overall, I’m super happy with these summer essentials from Pixi.  They’ll come in especially handy for traveling as we’re going to visit my family in Iowa soon.  Packing my makeup will be much easier!  Check out these fab essentials at PixiBeauty.com!

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