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It’s the weekend again!!!!  Hope you’re all as excited as I am!  Well, I work weekends, but I AM excited that January is almost over, so summer is that much closer…lol!

Anywho, Pixi Beauty sent me a super-duper fabulous box that had some equally super-duper goodies inside- their Rose Caviar Essence, Rose Flash Balm, and five shades of MatteLast Liquid Lip.  Be still my beating heart!  Naturally, I couldn’t wait to try these treasures out!

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Because of my grandmas (read this post), I love anything rose, as in garden roses (not typical roses, having been a florist, typical roses are kinda boring).  So, whenever I use rose skincare products, it evokes happy memories of time spent with my grandmas.  (Lucky for me, one of them is still here, and I can’t wait to see her again!)

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The Rose Caviar Essence is beautifully formulated with encapsulated flower oils suspended in a weightless serum-essence that melts onto the skin.  Fresh botanicals hydrate and restore the skin’s brightness for optimum radiance.  The antioxidant-rich natural oils also help soften, refine, and tone (Pixi-Sjovik, 2018).

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence 1

Rose Caviar Essence is housed in a convenient squeeze tube.  I like that I can stash it in my travel bag without having to worry about it breaking, yet it still looks pretty, as the transparent plastic shows the flower oils.  It really looks gorge!

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence 2

To use, simply press gently onto the skin after cleansing and toning.  I have oily/combo skin, and having had acne as a teenager, I still haven’t quite gotten over my phobia of oils, so I’m always a bit skeptical of them.  But, I had nothing to worry about- this formula is SO light.  It literally melts into my skin, and absorbs almost immediately, kind of like a gel, with no greasiness at all.

Pixi Rose Flash Balm is the ultimate radiance-boosting pick-me-up for tired, lackluster skin, and it helps fight the appearance of fatigue in a flash.  The oil-free, 3-in-1, quick absorbing formula instantly brightens and moisturizes.  It’s great as a revitalizing mask, and can also be used as a primer to prep skin for makeup application (Pixi-Sjovik, 2018).

Pixi Rose Flash Balm 1

Rose Flash Balm is also housed in a squeeze tube, so it’s both convenient and sanitary.  It can be applied in a thin layer after cleansing to prime the skin for makeup.  To use it as a mask, apply a thicker layer, and leave on for five minutes, several times per week (Pixi-Sjovik, 2018).

Pixi Rose Flash Balm 2

Well, the word “flash” is appropriate in describing this product.  After using, even for just a few minutes, my skin instantly feels better.  Almost as if I’ve given myself a full facial.  It’s been particularly helpful with dry winter skin, and on days when I didn’t get much sleep.

I’ve used this both as a mask and primer, and it doesn’t feel too heavy, yet it really packs a great punch when it comes to moisture.  It makes my skin feel soft and smooth, without feeling greasy.  I was surprised at how well it worked as a primer.  It definitely made my skin smoother, but I didn’t think it would actually make my makeup last longer, but it did.  So, I love that I can get the benefits of a primer combined with skin-loving nutrients.

As for the products being “rose,” I’ve heard a lot of people say they shy away from rose-based skincare because of being sensitive to fragrances.  While I personally LOVE scented skincare, these are not overly scented.  They’re very light and natural, in other words, as much as I love my grandmas dearly, these products are not like my grandma’s heavy rose night cream!

With the Pixi Rose Caviar Essence and Rose Flash Balm, I feel pampered in a modern way, and end up with soft fab skin.  Check ‘em out at PixiBeauty.com.

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Don’t forget to keep checking back, because I’ll be posting a review and swatches of the MatteLast Liquid Lip colors I received!

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