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For a pin-up inspired look, I went for the big guns. And by guns, I mean a true red lip and a strong arched brow. I will attempt to cover both these items without going into super deep detail, because I have a way of rambling when it comes to my all-time favorite makeup look.
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Okay, starting with the eye; we will go for a neutral shadow, an elegant line, heavy lashes, and the brow to top it off.

Shadow: I am a huge fan of Urban Decay shadows. My absolute favorite palette (which is discontinued, but you can still find all the shadows individually) is called the Ammo Shadow Box, and you CAN still purchase the palette on EBAY. And you are welcome 🙂

Use the color Sin as a base color. Basically, sweep the entire lid (up to the brow) with a fluffy brush. It’s a glossy nude if I had to describe it. Next brush the color Maui Wowie on the inner eye, and drag to the center of the eyelid, below the crease. Maui Wowie is a sparkly gold. The next color is Smog, a bronze color. Drag the color Smog from the middle of your lid to the outer corner, below the crease. Blend the line so that you cannot see where one color begins and one ends. Deepen the intensity of the color Smog into the crease if you want your eye to appear deeper set.   Do this by using a windshield wiper motion. Fluffy brush any excess powder particles away.   We are not going to a disco and do not want sparkles all over your face :).

Liner: I will use my go-to product, Make Up For Ever waterproof gel liner- yes, the one in the little pot that I have mentioned before…and a stiff angled liner brush.


Tip number one with a bold liner: Start with the middle of the lash line. The reason is because you have the most amount of product on your angled brush at this point, and the thickest part of a line will only look good in the middle. So, start with the middle, and in a clean stroke, draw to outer corner. Without adding more product, (you should still have enough) go back to center, and draw to inner corner. If you would like to do a wing, reference my green winged eye post from earlier.

Brow:   If you have a rainbow shaped eyebrow. Change it. If you draw your entire brow on with a marker or pencil, please stop doing that. See the following images. They are my inspiration. First name: Elizabeth Taylor. Second name: Jayne Mansfield. (See photos below*.) Grow real brows- brows should not be razor thin, and they should not be wild and bushy. They should be shaped. Think, guided; guided into an arch. I like to take that stiff angled brush we had fun playing with during the liner phase, and, without adding product, lightly tap the perimeter of the brow to achieve fab Liz Taylor shape. (will try to post pics of tutelage). (I will make a video one day, guys.)

elizabethtaylorpublicdomain jaynemansfield

Lashes: Coat with favorite Mascara. Secret: shhhh….most mascaras are not special. You are paying for the brush. Go for a Christmas tree shaped brush if you are in the market for fatty lashes. Thin and sharp at the tip, while gradually getting fluffier and wider at the base. Industry secret. SHHHH.

Lip: The best advice I can give EVERYONE is to drink water and keep lips hydrated. We can NOT pull off a gorgeous ruby lip when they are dry and chapped. I need to drink more water. Straight up. Moving on, I chose a gorgeous Make Up For Ever Aquaproof Liner called True Red. Every lady should have a perfect shade of red, and I suggest going to a counter and trying a few out at your local Sephora or Dillard’s.  They are really helpful. After lining the lip, fill in with same lip pencil in soft diagonal strokes. Smudge a light fingertip of Vaseline on the lips to keep hydrated and shine away. If you notice, I skipped lipstick completely. No need for it in this case.



*Please note- all photos in this blog are used with permission or are in the public domain.

Thanks, Jenna, for bringing back a timeless look!



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