Philosophy Time in a Bottle

Meh. That’s the best way I can describe this product. In general, I really like Philosophy’s products, and I so wanted to love this. The company’s website claims the product contains some sort of DNA renewal complex and a high potency vitamin C8 activator. Okay, I can understand the vitamin C thing. But, DNA renewal…?

Aside from the vitamin C, retinyl palmitate is one of the most legitimate ingredients, but the company doesn’t make a point of putting it at the forefront of advertising.   The retinyl palmitate is precisely the reason I bought this. I wanted to use the mildest form of vitamin A possible in order to gradually work my way up to using tretinoin. I used the whole bottle, and didn’t notice any difference in my skin. Granted, it did feel smoother after applying, but I attribute that to the silicones. I should note that I did not use a full-sized bottle. I found a duo that contained this product and the Time in a Bottle Eye, so I gave the eye product away, and kept this for myself. It was 0.85 oz. of this stuff, plus a bottle of the eye stuff for $85.00.

The only positive I can think of about this is that the concentrated vitamin C stuff comes in a tiny vial, and you add it after you purchase, so it is as fresh as possible. I’m not going to say this is a bad product or worthless, as it does contain vitamin C, which is a proven ingredient. But, with the amount of silicone and uncertainty of the whole DNA renewal thing, I think it is far too overpriced for what you get.

Philosophy Time in a Bottle retails for $75.00 for 1.3 oz.