Organic Aromas Raindrop Essential Oil Diffuser

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Hey you guys!

Have you ever been so incredibly “wowed” by a product that it’s hard to contain your excitement?  Well, that’s what happened with both Jerry and me, and this awesome essential oil diffuser from Organic Aromas!

So, what’s so different about the diffusers from Organic Aromas?  Here’s the thing, they’re nebulizing diffusers that do NOT use heat and/or water to disperse the oil!  How is this possible?  SCIENCE!!!  Jerry and I are both huge science fans, and even Jerry was “nerding out” over this brilliant product.

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Diffusers from Organic Aromas utilize the Bernoulli Principle, similar to how an airplane gets its lift.  Basically, there are two little tubes, and a difference in pressure creates suction.  As the oil rises, pressurized air causes it to atomize into microparticles that rise up in a waterless mist (Organic Aromas, n.d.).  There’s a really great graphic that demonstrates the process, and makes it really simple to understand- click here to check it out.

Organic Aromas diffuser 4

Now that you have an idea of how Organic Aromas diffusers work, let me just brag a bit on how awesome they LOOK.  Instead of being plastic, Organic Aromas uses handcrafted plantation hardwood bases, along with hand-blown Pyrex glass.  Plus, they’re quiet– as in you can’t tell they’re even on!  When I first turned mine on, I didn’t think it worked, until I saw a stream of oil being diffused into the air, and I could feel a very slight vibration when touching the base.

We got the Raindrop diffuser, which is comprised of a substantial base, and an elegant glass top.  There’s a knob on the back that you turn to switch it on, and it works like a “volume,” so you can control the dispersal of oil- you can have more or less, whichever you prefer.  There’s an automatic two hour timer that runs on a two minute on, one minute off cycle.

There’s also an LED light that changes color, which is really neat!  There’s a little round metal button under the control knob, you just barely touch the button to turn the light on or off.  So, you can have some fab mood lighting, or you can use the diffuser without the light, whichever you prefer.

The Raindrop diffuser comes in light wood or black wood, and you can also get them with laser etched designs, and there are some with gorgeous hand carved artwork.  There are also several other varieties and wood tones available, all of which are beautiful.

My experience with the Raindrop has been nothing short of amazing.  I’ll go ahead and warn you- since it’s pure, undiluted essential oil being dispersed, it’s very strong.  Start off by just turning the knob a tiny bit, until you’re familiar with the strength.  The oil is undiluted, and isn’t changed at the molecular level like with those that use heat.  This makes for greater reliability, which is especially important if you want the aromatherapeutic benefits.

The only negative is that the Organic Aromas diffusers seem a bit pricey at first glance.  But, it’s important to keep in mind that there are no plastic parts that will degrade, no heat or water needed, they’re completely quiet, and you can get individual replacement parts.  And even the most simplistic designs are handmade works of art.

Organic Aromas diffuser 2

Even the packaging they ship the diffusers in is lux- it arrives in a sturdy attractive box, with foam inside that has cutouts for the base and top- with the base inside a velvet pouch.  There’s a separate cutout for each glass piece, and a sample bottle of Butterflies Breath oil.  There are also pipettes for super easy cleaning.

You truly get what you pay for with the Organic Aromas nebulizing diffusers.  They also have a no-questions-asked return policy, that’s how superior these diffusers are.  I seriously do NOT want to be without this!

As for the essential oils I’ve been using?  We also got a complete set of Elements Premium Essential Oils from Organic Aromas- keep checking back because we’ll be posting soon so you can find out all about them!  (Update- check out our post here!)

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