On-Trend Style & Comfort with Hotter Brooke Sneakers

Hotter Brooke 3


Hey there, hope you’ve all had a great weekend!  I really miss being with my family, especially during holidays and special occasions, but had a great dinner with Jerry’s family late Sunday afternoon.  (But it would have been much better if I hadn’t hit my head…lol!)

Despite hitting my head, I was pretty excited to wear my new Brooke shoes from top selling British brand Hotter!  Despite just having gotten them, I was able to take them out of the box and immediately wear them all day.  I’ve never had a pair of Hotter shoes that I needed to spend time “breaking in,” they’re always comfortable right from the start.  I don’t know many brands like that.  These are simple, yet stylish sneakers that are super comfy.  They’re constructed with the brand’s premium Softy Leather or Velvet Nubuck, depending on color.

Hotter Brooke 4

Another really nice thing about Hotter is that even with their classics, they have new colors every season, so the selection stays fresh and up-to-date.  This season’s Brooke shoes are available in Blue River Punched Nubuck, Ivory Leather, Duck Egg Leather, and Salmon Leather.  All the colors are gorgeous, so it was hard to choose which one I liked the most.  I ended up selecting the Salmon, but may end up getting more later…lol!

Hotter Brooke 5

As always, the shoes arrived in a sturdy package, with tissue and rods to maintain the shape of the shoes during shipping.  So, no worries about getting smashed or malformed sneakers.  I really like how well made Hotter shoes are- they’re sturdy, the seams and soles are secure, and they really hold up well through lots of wear.

Hotter Brooke 6

I was so comfortable all day long, indoors and out, even walking around hills, while wearing these shoes for the first time.  No blisters and no sore feet- the fit is great, and they’re supportive enough that my plantar fasciitis didn’t even bother me.  I also love the color- while the colors usually change with the seasons, they do a great job of introducing colors that can be worn year round.

Hotter Brooke 7

Hotter also offers Comfort Fit (D width) sizing in most of their shoes.  For example, the Brooke shoes I have are available in US sizes 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11, with the Comfort Fit option in ALL colors.  I have wider feet toward my toes, so it’s difficult to find shoes that are comfortable without being broken in.  With Hotter’s roomy toe box, though, I don’t even need the Comfort Fit.

Hotter Brooke 1

The only negative with Hotter Shoes is that you can’t just go to the store and buy them, at least not in the US.  But, shipping from the UK is quite fast, and very reasonable at just $10 to US addresses.  Plus, they offer hassle-free returns in the event you’re unhappy.  So, it’s well worth the across-the-pond shipping for such fab shoes!

What are you waiting for?  Head over to Hotter.com to check ’em out!  You’re welcome!

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