OMG, You NEED to Check Out Rockin’ B!


Hey you guys! Hope you’re having a splendid week!

I got the most marvelous surprise in the mail when we got back from a trip to Atlanta- there was a box from Rockin’ B! Rockin’ B was founded by Dustin and Lauren Blessing, a super sweet couple that we’ve known for many years. A while back, they moved to Texas (which made me very sad!) and started a business that makes custom items such as leather goods, t-shirts, etc. You name it, they can do it, and they will do it fabulously.


In the box was a t-shirt with the Beaux Beauty logo, a Beaux Beauty logo decal, and a custom hand-made travel toiletry bag with the Rockin’ B insignia. The quality of the t-shirt graphic was superb- I’ve actually thought of making a t-shirt for an event, using my computer and some ink jet transfers. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY I could have come anywhere close to the quality of what Lauren did. There’s no pixelization, the color is vibrant and sharp, and the sizing and placement are PERFECT.

rockin-b-bag-1 rockin-b-bag-2 rockin-b-bag-3

I also got a beautiful, custom, handmade leather toiletry travel case. The quality is outstanding, with perfect stitching, perfect folds, simply stunning. We often go on last-minute overnight trips, so no more stashing my toothbrush, shaver, etc. in a plastic bag- this case seriously makes me feel spoiled rotten!  (Keep an eye out for our favorites post and video, because Rockin’ B is featured!)


The beautiful Blessing family- Lauren and Dustin, and their adorable kids, Gracie Mae and Denton 🙂

Rockin’ B also does beautiful design work with leather, anything from handbags to koozies, chaps, whatever you want, you’re only limited by imagination.  Need a custom t-shirt?  They can do it!  Want a thoughtful gift for someone special?  The holidays are upon us and Rockin’ B is sure to please!  Make sure to show some love and click here to check out their Facebook page– you won’t regret it!

You can also email them at or  Happy shopping!

*Photo of Lauren, and photo of Lauren and family are courtesy of and used with permission from Lauren Blessing.