Obsessions: September 24, 2015

Things I have been obsessing about over the past week (funny how they are all consumable!):

Steak.  Preferably steak cooked by my other half.  Bonus points if it’s Iowa beef.  So sorry to all my vegetarian/vegan family and friends- I love meat.  I am a corn-fed Iowa gal, and now live in the South.  Gotta have that meat!


This next obsession is really two obsessions in one, well, maybe three obsessions.  Star Trek.  Spock.  Maker’s Mark bourbon.  Combine them for a mega-obsession bourbon and sour in a Spock high ball glass!

Spock Makers Mark

This is another double whammy- Wounded Warrior Project Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I LOVE these chocolate peanut butter goodies, and I love when companies want to give back to society.  My whole family loves these- my nephew used to call them “bee-duh buh-dup uh-dups.”   (For some reason, we all call them that, even still today…lol.)  These delicious treats are even better when they benefit a great cause.  My eating plan doesn’t really allow for candy, but the fact that a good cause is involved is like a free pass to buy a pack to share with Jerry. 😉

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup