Obsessing Over Hard Root Beer!


I know it’s not really beauty-related, but… OMG.  Have you tried any of the hard root beers out there?

I’m a wino at heart, but lately, I’ve really been craving hard root beer.  I can’t have it that often since I’m back to clean eating, but I’m using my bronchitis as an excuse to drink it- you know, since it’s cold it kind of soothes the throat…lol!

The first one I heard of was “Not Your Father’s Root Beer.”  When my family came to visit from Iowa in August, my sister kept trying to find it down here so I could try it.  It was a big “thing” in Iowa, but hadn’t made it down here yet.  Once it finally hit, no one could keep it in stock!


Other companies are following suit- I’ve also tried the “Best Damn Root Beer” and “Coney Island” versions.  A Louisiana company, Abita, has also released a root beer.

Now that I’m craving one, I’m about to go drink a root beer while relaxing with my Bionova mask on!

Have you tried any of the hard root beers?  Scroll down to comment below!