New Studio Gear True Artistry Eyeshadow Palettes: Review & Swatches

Studio Gear 3 Palettes

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Studio Gear has released three new eyeshadow palettes, and I’m super excited that I get to play around with them!

Studio Gear Nude Matte Palette 1 Studio Gear Shimmer Plum Palette 1

The palettes are a part of Studio Gear’s True. line, and come in three different varieties: Nude Matte, Warm Nude, and Shimmer Plum, each containing six complementary shades.  Sadly, I cannot decide which one is my favorite, I keep changing my mind!

Studio Gear Warm Nude Palette 1 Studio Gear Warm Nude Box Back

I first noticed the packaging, it’s simple but sleek.  The boxes have graphics that show the shades included, and there are also basic instructions for placement on the back of each box.  I did catch an error, as the backs of both the Nude Matte and Plum Shimmer boxes said “The Basics of the Nude Matte Eye.”  Nevertheless, the shades pictured on the Plum Shimmer box are the correct shades, despite the misprint…lol 😉

Studio Gear Nude Matte Box Back Studio Gear Plum Shimmer Box Back

I like how the cases are made of a sturdy plastic rather than cardboard or coated paper; I feel like they will hold up better, especially during travel.  My only gripe with the palette cases is that all three are the same, and they don’t specify which colors are inside- so there is no way to tell which one is which without opening them up.  I may use a silver marker on the bottoms just to make this easier for my lazy self!

Studio Gear Palette Front Studio Gear Palette Back

Each palette comes with a mini eyeshadow brush.  I do not love these brushes- they are not the same great quality as Studio Gear’s full-sized brushes.  The brush heads are also inconsistent and differ from each other.  They do shed a bit, but they are softer and perform better than a lot of other mini brushes included with kits.  For example, these are much better than the brushes I received in an Estee Lauder GWP kit.  Since they are mini sized, I think there should be a place inside the palettes for them; but since there’s not, they should have just been left out.  But, they are small, so it will be easy to toss them into a travel kit as back-ups.

Studio Gear brushes

Since these palettes retail for just $20 each, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of pigmentation.  Boy, was I wrong!  Of course, some of my high end shadows are more pigmented, but these were quite impressive.  Unfortunately, the swatches on my medium-toned skin do not do these shadows justice.   Since my face has been treated with brighteners and various procedures, I have been trying them out on my face, and the colors show up SO much better!  (I will be posting more soon.)

The Nude Matte palette includes the shades (all matte) Sheer, Buff, Hint, Touch, Shade, and Deep.  Buff seemed to be the most pigmented, and Deep had the most fallout, although it wasn’t bad, just more so than the others.

Studio Gear Nude Matte Palette 2

Studio Gear Nude Matte Swatches

Nude Matte shades, left to right: Sheer, Buff, Hint, Touch, Shade, and Deep

The Shimmer Plum palette contains Moonlight (iridescent), Rose Dust (shimmer), Burnish (shimmer), Plummy (matte), Violet Hour (shimmer), and Midnight (shimmer).  All the shimmer shades had a bit of fallout, but again, it wasn’t unmanageable.  I just used a fan brush to dust the fallout away, and it was gone.  Plummy seemed to have the least pigmentation when swatching, but it showed up pretty well when I used a primer.  Overall, these shades were very beautiful!

Studio Gear Shimmer Plum Palette 2

Studio Gear Shimmer Plum Swatches

Plum Shimmer shades, left to right: Moonlight, Rose Dust, Burnish, Plummy, Violet Hour, and Midnight

The Warm Nude palette contains Sugar Sand (matte), Pink Salt (matte), Pebble (matte), Glazed (shimmer), Frosting (shimmer), and Singed (matte).  The most pigmented of these was Sugar Sand, followed by Singed.  Glazed was the least pigmented, but still went on quite smoothly.

Studio Gear Warm Nude Palette 2

Studio Gear Warm Nude Swatches

Warm Nude palette shades, left to right: Sugar Sand, Pink Salt, Pebble, Glazed, Frosting, and Singed

Overall, these palettes were all pretty awesome, especially for the price.  Blending was easy, and they wore very well.  When worn with a primer, they lasted well over ten hours without creasing or fading.  If you’re looking for a high quality palette at a great price, definitely give these a shot!

Studio Gear True. Eye Artistry Palettes retail for $20.00 each.  If you place your order on, use code BeauxBeauty for 10% off your order!

I’ll be posting photos, so be sure to keep checking back so you can see what these shades really look like when worn!

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