New Kenra Grip Collection for Easy Styling

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Hello gorgeous lovelies, hope you’re all doing fabulously magnificent!

Have I mentioned how much I love Kenra…?!  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I SO love the brand- I’ve never been disappointed with ANY of their products.  So, I was ecstatic when they sent me their new line of Grip products to test out, and I have NOT been disappointed!

This collection was designed for the next level of texture.  The range contains lightweight, airy styling and finishing products to provide definition and all-over volume (Henkel, 2017).  Sounds pretty marvelous, right?

I have long, thick, chemical-treated hair.  I also live in the hot humid tropical state of Louisiana.  These factors combined are a recipe for a disastrous bad hair day.  I’ve found that all three of these products will be useful and have a regular place in my hairstyling routine.

Whip Grip Mousse 9

This mousse has a matte finish with a light hold.  The formula provides three times more volume, without the stiffness of other formulas.  The airy, whipped formula can be used for building a foundation for styling (Henkel, 2017).

Kenra Professional Whip Grip Mousse 9

Kenra Professional Whip Grip Mousse 9

They are SO right, this stuff really is fluffy and whipped- I seriously just wanted to keep squirting it out, the texture is like a heavenly cloud.  And the smell, OMG it smells SO. GOOD.  If you don’t like fragrances, no worries, though, it’s not very strong.  But, I kept smelling it before I worked it through my hair…lol!

Kenra Professional Whip Grip Mousse 9

Kenra Professional Whip Grip Mousse 9

Air Grip Spray 5

This is a dry wax spray with a matte finish and flexible hold.  The ultra-lightweight formula instantly provides 50% more grip.  It’s great for adding texture and grip (Henkel, 2017).

Kenra Professional Air Grip Spray 5

Kenra Professional Air Grip Spray 5

I used to stay away from wax products because I found them to be kind of a pain to use.  So many products are too sticky, and it makes for a huge disaster when trying to dip my fingers into the product and work it through my long hair.  The only product I have really used with any frequency that comes in a jar is Kenra’s Texturizing Taffy.  When I had layered hair, it really worked well, and no stickiness.

Our friend, DeeJay, is a salon trainer and manager, and he recently used a wax spray on me.  I was like, “Wax spray…?!?!”  I had seen these, but it never really occurred to me to try them, and I’m so glad he introduced me to them!

Kenra’s Air Grip Spray is nothing short of amazing.  Easy to use, the mist is fine enough to be evenly sprayed and dispersed, and guess what?  It’s NOT sticky!  Yes, it’s true.  It has an uncanny ability to “grip,” without being sticky like a piece of hard candy.

High Grip Spray 20

This lightweight hairspray has a high hold, matte finish.  The formula provides superior definition and 24-hour high hold.  It’s perfect for finishing any style that you need high hold to maintain (Henkel, 2017).

Kenra Professional High Grip Spray 20

Kenra Professional High Grip Spray 20

Back in the eighties and nineties, high hold meant crusty, hard hair.  Not with Kenra!  I found that this hairspray gives me long-lasting hold, even in Louisiana, while still having movement.  My hairstyle lasts all day, and I have no problems brushing it before bed.  Pretty nifty, huh?

So In Love!

When you have long hair, and you’re outdoors most of the time, in a hot, humid environment, there’s not much hairstyling that works.  It’s often rainy down here, and I try not to use heat tools much since my hair is so long and colored.  This doesn’t leave me many options, so I usually go for a natural look.

I had tried a kind of boho look that I saw Carli Bybel do, and really liked it, but it involves a fishtail braid, and the humidity gave me too many flyaways.  When I saw that Kenra’s promos for the grip collection featured a kind of twist/braid, I realized how perfect these products would work!

I started out using the Whip Grip Mousse on my wet hair, working it through.  Then I started “scrunching” my hair to add a bit of texture, sprayed in some of the Whip Grip Spray, and scrunched some more.  I left a section out in front, which I then used to do a fishtail braid, and used more Whip Grip Spray.  Finally, I finished it all off with the High Grip Spray.

I used the new Kenra Grip collection to get a natural look that lasted all day, even through the humidity and rain!

I used the new Kenra Grip collection to get a natural look that lasted all day, even through the humidity and rain!

My results?  It was humid all day, and started raining in the late afternoon.  My hair survived!  No flyaways or frizzies, and it looked almost the same that night as it did right after I did it.  I had a very natural look, without the headache. (Psst… I got lots of compliments, too!)

Is your hairstyle in need of extra grip?  If so, you need to check out the new Kenra Grip collection, available now at Ulta.  More info at


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